20 Best Coffee Houses in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

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The picturesque European country of the Czech Republic is typically known for its beautiful castles and medieval buildings. Its capital, Prague, entices travelers from all over the world with its stunning, well-preserved architecture. It’s also well-known for beer and the diverse flavors of Czech food.

However, one lesser-known town, yet just as spectacular, is Cesky Krumlov. One of the most charming towns in Europe, it’s like a miniature Prague, featuring a stunning castle above the Vltava River, an old town square, and Renaissance and baroque architecture.

Although visitors can walk through the town in roughly twenty minutes, there are plenty of attractions and food spots. Some include lively bars and riverside picnic spots. They are also known for charming specialty cafes and coffee shops. When you’re there exploring the beautiful town, make sure to stop at one of the delicious coffee houses. We’ve got a list for you to check out. So let’s dive in, shall we?


1. Masna 130 Espresso Bar

Where? Masna 130 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Monday-Tuesday: closed
Wednesday-Thursday: 1PM to 6PM
Friday-Saturday: 10AM to 6PM
Sunday: 10AM to 4PM

Locals and tourists meet in this quiet oasis just off the main street. Come stop in for fresh coffee roasting on the espresso machine, batch brew and hand brew, fresh tea, or craft lemonade and beer. Pair it with homemade cakes and desserts or sandwiches and bread from a local micro-bakery.

Jin Jo from South Korea:

“Authentic high-quality coffee and a fresh sandwich. I also loved the modern & minimal interior and genuinely nice baristas. Perfect place to swing by for quality food and break.”

Best Coffee Houses Cesky Krumlov
Photo: Masna 130 Espresso Bar

2. Ideal Coffee

Where? Horska 70 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 10AM to 7PM
Saturday: 11AM to 7PM
Sunday: 11AM to 6PM

With a motto of roasting good coffee for a good soul, this micro coffee station founded in 2015 is enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts from around the world. The café carefully selects and roasts with care in their own shop, and the team pays attention to precision and preparation. There are different coffee roast options to choose from, such as Arabica and Mixture Bags. Coffee lovers and coffee learners alike will be pleased. 

3. Apotheka Café Bar

Where? Latran 46 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Sunday-Friday: 3PM to 1AM
Saturday: 12PM to 1AM

A three-minute walk from State Castle and Chateau Cesky Krumlov, this is a great pit stop to re-fuel for your endeavors. Not only is it a café, but it’s also a cocktail bar, where mixologists will delight customers with crafty and unique drinks. Some visitors say it has an American cocktail bar vibe with a lot of character. Music also surrounds the café to set the mood.

4. Drunken Coffee

Where? Dlouha 95 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Sunday-Thursday: 10AM to 8PM
Friday-Saturday: 10AM to 10PM

A group of friends who enjoy good coffee and alcohol came together to form this café and bar. It consists of fine coffee, the Beeranek Mini Brewery, premium alcohol, and home-made goods such as cakes, sandwiches and homemade lemonade. Take a seat outside on the patio and enjoy views of the castle.

Best Coffee Houses Cesky KrumlovPhoto: Drunken Coffee

 5. Nonsolocaffe

Where? Latran 72 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 8AM to 6PM

This café and specialty shop consists of Italian specialties. This includes pasta and wine, but also olive oil, sauces, spices and seasonings. Small and quaint with a large selection, it’s located on a quaint street with cobblestone streets, feeling like you’re on an Italian road.

6. Zapa Café

Where? Latran 16 Street, Cesky Krumlov
When? Monday-Sunday: 8AM to 8PM

This café is located in the center of town, in the chateau of Cesky Krumlov Castle. The house where the café is located is said to be of Gothic origin due to the stone vaulted ceiling. There’s also a historic furnace from the 17th century. At Zapa Café, you will find over thirty types of coffee, a wide selection of Moravian wines, and a large choice of hot and cold drinks, including alcoholic mixed drinks. 

Tomas Vlkovic,  Local Guide:

“Extraordinary place, a great choice for breakfast or brunch. The selection of wines is really something – a must-visit stop for those who like to explore regional tastes.”

Best Coffee Houses Cesky KrumlovPhoto: TripAdvisor

7. DELI99

Where? Latran 147 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Monday-Friday: 7AM to 7PM
Saturday: 8AM to 7PM
Sunday: 8AM to 5PM

Dine in or grab a cup to go. Visit for breakfast and grab a freshly baked pastry, bagel, bread or homemade waffle. For lunch, enjoy a wide variety of sandwiches, paninis, and fresh salads with plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options available. The cheery interior with comfortable seating will have you refreshed and ready to explore after a quick pick-me-up!

8. Kafemlejnek

Where? Latran 2 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 9AM to 9PM

Visit this breakfast and brunch café that features a terrace on the banks of the Vltava River. Relax on the river with simplistic and light foods that pair well with a nice cup of coffee or tea. You will even hear live music in the distance to match the mood while you’re enjoying your time at the café.

9. MLS Creperie

Where? Latran 12 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 9AM to 6PM

This creperie will satisfy your sweet tooth in a fast and fresh manor. If your inner foodie isn’t craving a French crepe or galette, there’s also a selection of desserts, salads, pizza, soups, and breakfast items that will satisfy your hunger. Be sure to also try their Romanian delicacy, trdelnik. Of course, you can pair with a fresh cup of coffee to warm you up. 

Alice Autner, Traveler from Brighton:

“Their crepes are delicious! We came back for a second round as we didn’t had enough of it the first time we came. Coffee is also generous in serving.”

Best Coffee Houses Cesky KrumlovPhoto: TripAdvisor

10. Omnes Caffe Arleta

Where? Soukenicka 39 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Monday: 9AM to 6PM
Tuesday-Thursday: 9AM to 6:30PM
Friday-Saturday: 9AM to 7:30PM
Sunday: 9AM to 5PM

This family café in the center of Cesky Krumlov offers first-class products of top quality, such as real Italian coffee roasted on beech wood and loose tea in pyramid bags. They also offer 100% natural preservative-free juices and desserts from homemade confectionery from the highest quality ingredients. Some specialties to try include Czech truffles and Caribbean rums.

11. Villa Café

Where? Prikra 285 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Monday-Friday: 10AM-6PM
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Located in the luxury boutique hotel, Villa Beatika, this extraordinary café has an original design that contains exclusive Tonino Lamborghini coffee, homemade desserts, and delicious breakfasts. It also features a spacious garden with a terrace and a covered pergola, ideal for sitting and relaxing. It truly takes you away from the bustling city, even just for a bit. 

Julee Zen, Vacationer from Slovenia:

“Lovely cafe! So glad I took the walk to get away from the touristy part of the town. Wine and service were all superb. Too bad I already had lunch somewhere else. If I get a chance to return to Český Krumlov would definitely dine here.”

12. Kolektiv Cafe & Wine Bar; Latran 13

Where? Latran 13 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 8AM to 6PM

Opened to the public in March 2013, the Kolektiv Café & Wine Bar is a stylish café that has a modern style. It consists of a good variety of food at reasonable prices. The relaxing atmosphere makes it a great place to hang out by yourself or with a friend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides the coffee, the café also has different teas and hot chocolates. But its unique feature is alcoholic drinks. Beers, cocktails and an array of wines.

Best Coffee Houses Cesky KrumlovPhoto: Kolektic Cafe & Wine Bar

13. Antre, Theater Club

Where? Horni 2 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 11AM to 10PM

Just 200 meters above the Square and very close to the Hotel Ruze, this café is open all-year round. In the summer months, you are greeted by an outdoor terrace with a view of the castle and Vltava River, and lunch and dinner are prepared on the grill. Homemade pancakes are also a specialty. The winter is just as charming. The intimate Art Deco interior will soothe you with a nice cup of hot chocolate, tea or mulled wine. There’s also pleasant music, and scents of ginger and cinnamon roaming the club. Over the weekend, enjoy live music or concert. 

14. Retro Café

Where? Hradebni 60 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 10AM to 10PM

The Retro Café is a family restaurant with its own FAEMA coffee roaster. Their kitchen is inspired by Italian cuisine and offers fresh homemade pasta, vegetable salads, steaks, homemade desserts and Pinsa, the original recipe from the Rome area. It will make you feel as if you’re in a blend of 2 countries.

Andrea, Local Coffee Lover from Prague:

“My favorite cafe in Český Krumlov. Coffee and food are very nice. Staff and service are very welcoming as well. Even if you don’t speak Czech, just give them a big smile.”

15. Café Hradek

Where? Zamek 59 Street, Cesky Krumlov

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 9AM to 3PM
Sunday: 9AM to 3PM

A quaint little café, this is a great example of offering just a few selections of extremely high quality food & drinks, while putting great care and detail into their work. Besides the freshly brewed coffee, there are many homemade products, such as the blueberry cake with wild blueberries. The owner also makes homemade wine to take home.

16. Kafirna Na Starem Plesivci

Where? Plesivecka 130 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 8AM to 6PM

This café has a 1930s decorative style. Pancakes are served during breakfast, and customers can try an array of homemade cakes as well as lemonades and freshly pressed juices at reasonable prices. You can sit outside or in this cozy atmosphere and enjoy a nice delicious cup of coffee.

17. Café IN VIVO

Where? Soukenicka 44 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 9AM to 6PM

Café IN VIVO is a small and cozy lounge café with minimalistic décor. They serve Italian Bazzara coffee, pies, and small snacks. Each room in this café is designed for your preference. Grab a coffee to go, stop in an have a quick drink at the espresso bar, or relax in a comfortable armchair. 

Sher, Traveler from NYC:

“We had the Medovník for dessert and each of us ordered a different type of coffee – everything was on point! Lovely service by the young barista. He was so friendly and warm. Definitely left tips for his lovely service!”

Best Coffee Houses Cesky KrumlovPhoto: TripAdvisor

18. Tavern of the Two Maries

Where? Parkan 104 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday-Sunday: 11AM to 10PM

Full of different types of cultural coffee, such as Turkish, Viennese, and Algerian, the Tavern is a unique place to drink and eat. It is here where big groups of travelers can eat a feast made for 1 to 8 persons, bringing the cultural aspect from historic times. Guests are seated in long tables in cellar-like rooms. This is definitely a fun and different place to try cultural foods and drinks.

19. Café Bar Baroko

Where? Klasterni 48 Street, Cesky Krumlov

When? Monday to Sunday

Located at the Penzion Baroko guest house, the historic 1360 late Gothic style look pairs with a classic façade built in the Classicist era. The Daily Café Bar offers a breakfast buffet, excellent selection of wines, and craft beers, which you can enjoy on a calm and picturesque terrace. Practical tip from our local guides, keep in mind that Café Bar Baroko only accepts cash payments and have some Czech crowns with you if you decide to visit this place.

Madhu Menon from Singapore:
“This place offers an amazing deal for breakfast! I tried pretty much all of it and enjoyed it. Great value.”

20. Egon Café

Where? Siroka 71 Street, Cesky Krumlov

: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:30AM to 6PM
Friday-Saturday: 9:30AM to 10PM
Sunday: 9:30AM-6PM

Part of the Egon Schiele Art Center, visitors can enjoy the stunning artwork that surrounds the café. Lavazza coffee fills the café for espressos, latte macchiatos, and cappuccinos, and also has options for Algerian or Viennese coffee. They also prepare homemade lavender and ginger lemonades and supply beers and a selection of spirits. Every day the café bakes home-made apple strudel to complement pies, cakes, or another dessert. Soup is also made daily.

Best Coffee Houses Cesky KrumlovPhoto: Egon Cafe

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic offers a bountiful amount of quaint, quirky and unique cafes. Visitors and locals alike can fill each day with a new coffee shop. Tourists will be able to easily start their day, take short break midday, or top off their day at one of these establishments.

Beautiful views surround the town, making each café more aesthetically pleasing and memorable for a visit. Whatever coffee (or alcohol) break you may need; it will be sure to get you refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day. This picturesque town in this enchanting country of the Czech Republic is full of cafes is welcoming visitors to enjoy the sites, enjoy the food, and enjoy the good vibes that comes along with it.