30 Best Things to do with Kids in Prague (Approved by Locals)

Visiting Prague with Kids

From its exquisitely beautiful Baroque buildings, romantic lanes, vibrant restaurants to playful family restaurants, Prague is the perfect city to visit with your family. Parks, stunning architecture, zoos, theaters, and museums, you name it, and the Czech capital has everything.  

Although the city is not too big to explore, it is one of the most affordable capitals in Europe. It includes plenty of super exciting places that can enchant your family, especially kids. Whether you choose to visit well-equipped playgrounds or take your kids to experience the unique city life, the city won’t disappoint you.

If you have not added Prague to your bucket list of travel destinations so far, it is the right time to do it. With countless exciting places to visit in Prague, you do not need any backup ideas to keep your little ones entertained. So sit back, relax, and check out our ultimate list of all the fun spots in Prague you can visit on your family vacation.

Outdoor Activities

1. Petřín Lookout Tower

Want your kids to have an informative and extraordinary experience? Take them to the Petřin Lookout Tower. More like a mini Eiffel Tower, it is undeniably a great place to explore and take lots of fun pictures.

To take and enjoy the city’s beautiful scenes, take a pleasant walk through from the bottom of the beautiful hills. Your little ones will surely admire watching the scenic area of Bohemia while navigating through the 63.5m towering building. In addition to exploring the peak of the tower, take your kids on an adventure by letting them play pretend. As they reimagine themselves in a fairytale, teach them to stay safe while enjoying a dreamlike visit.

Tip from Locals: Don’t forget to take lots of funny pictures in the twisted mirrors when visiting the “hall of laughter” in the tower.

 2. Vltava River

Are you visiting Prague in the summer? In that case, renting a paddleboat on the islands of Vltava River to show your kids the connected sides of the well-constructed bridges, roads, and footpaths is a wonderful idea for a daytime trip. The river will not only calm your teens down but also fill them with serenity. If your kids are younger, there is no way they won’t love the exciting rides on a swan-shaped boat.

Even if it isn’t boating season, your kids can enjoy the panoramic views of the river on the cruise. You can find plenty of operators offering cruise rides at the bridge. A cruise, without a doubt, is a fun way to give your young ones legs a little rest while enjoying the cityscape.

Things to do with kids in Prague

3. Prague Castle

Prague is full of new landmark harbors and quiet playgrounds that are ideal for escaping the hustle-bustle and tourist trail of the city. And the magical grassy courtyard tucked between the neat brick lanes is a prime example.

Of course, we are referring to the magnificent “Prague Castle“, a place definitely worth visiting. You can have a guided tour through the individual rooms or choose a solo stroll throughout the beautiful grounds for a satisfying experience.

What about showing your kids the ceremony of “changing guards” at the Castle so they can these the enthusiasm and passion of the locals for themselves?

Things to do with kids in Prague

4. Franciscan Garden

Let your kid climb, swing, and build a little sandcastle in one of the scenic playgrounds in Franciscan Garden. Located in the center of the city, this natural oasis has everything to kill your kids’ boredom within minutes.

The garden is furnished with plenty of benches covered with eye-refreshing floral arches. The low yew hedges separate the lawn areas. The fruit trees, playground, and herb beds are enough to keep your little energy monsters busy exploring the entire day.

5. Astronomical Clock in Old Town

Yet another place to leave your kids in awe. The Astronomical Clock in the old town of Prague is, without a doubt, the iconic spot. The fairytale-like twin Church spire will surely impress and enchant your kids. The 15th-century astronomical clock on the corner makes its figures dance when emerging from the holes to count hours. Although this spectacle lasts a short while, it’s sure to amuse and fascinate your kids.   

6. Střelecký Island

Regardless of how old your children are, Střelecký Island is well-equipped when it comes to entertainment for kids of all ages. It is divided into two sections that are meant to interest both young and older kids. For most visitors, the wooden obstacle course is the park’s main attraction.

Visiting Prague with Kids

7. Podolí Swimming Pool

Do you have many swimming enthusiasts in the family? If so, you definitely should not miss out on visiting the swimming pool in Podolí,  located right next to the tranquil Vltava River. The place is an ideal spot for a variety of water polo activities such as diving and swimming.

8. Prague Zoo

No family vacation is complete without visiting the city Zoo. And when it comes to vacationing cities like Prague, the zoo is an integral part of an amazing trip. With its wide variety of animals, the Prague zoo gives your kids a chance to make the most of their fun trip. Whether you rent a cycle, stroll through Stromovka, or enjoy sightseeing on a boat trip, your kids will enjoy every bit of their visit to the zoo.

Visiting Prague with Kids

Museums and Galleries 

1. The Museum of Senses

This place is excellent for tackling all your senses and inspires your kids to discover and feel more. The museum has mind-blowing optical illusions that test the senses. The fantastic place is as educational and fun for your kids. They can learn the potentials of the human body in an entirely innovative way, and so much more.

2. Gallery of Steel

Your kids can find plenty of impeccable sculptures made from recycled items in this unique place. But that’s not the only feature putting this gallery of steel on the list of your kids’ favorite places.

The metal figures that take inspiration from sci-fi movies and cartoon characters, and the automotive world, are what make this place truly special for the little minds. Seeing their favorite characters made of steel scrape will surely be an unforgettable adventure for your kids, and they would love to be a part of this unique steel story.

3. The National Museum

One of the biggest complexes in the Czech Republic, the National Museum, boasts tons of objects and items from the past. The impressive collection includes aircraft, portraits, ammunition, and tools. The vast array of artifacts is sure to evoke a sense of curiosity in your kids. 

Things to do with kids in Prague

On a Rainy Day: Indoor Fun

1. Puppet Theatre

You might not have heard this before, but Prague is one of the cities known for its incredible cultural connoisseur. Whether it is classical dance, puppet shows, or music theatre, Czech’s capital is the center of entertainment.

For children, The National Marionette Theatre is an ideal place that brings puppets to life. Your kids can enjoy a number of dummy shows by wooden puppets in elaborate costumes. The interesting stories and delicate features of the puppets will give your kids an unforgettable experience where they learn more about the city culture.

2. Aquarium Mořský Svět

Do your kids love being surrounded by a variety of unique sea creatures? If they do, Aquarium Mořský Svět is a go-to place for your family in Prague. The touch pools and shark tanks are specialties you will rarely find in any indoor spot in Prague.

Things to do with kids in Prague

3. Prague Planetarium

Video presentations, star shows, and various slides are a few features of the Prague planetarium. Your kids will love the astronomical exhibitions in the hall, along with commentary in the English language, which they can hear on headphones.  

4. Fine Art Studio Malování a kreslení 

How about letting your kids express their creativity during a fun session in the art studio in Prague? Fine art studio Malování a kreslení is located right next to Vinorhrady and is an excellent creative center for both kids and parents to take art classes, workshops from academic architects, sculptors, and painters.

5. TOBOGA Fantasy Prague

Don’t miss out on the 6,000m² indoor playhouse if you think that the weather is too warm or rainy to roam the streets. With its large play area, trampolines, climbing structures, and bouncy castles, Toboga Fantasy is a wonderful spot in Prague for kids to burn up their energy on a wet day.

Prague Local Tips

Snack Time: Kids-friendly Restaurants & Food Stops

1. Hergetova Cihelna

This child-friendly restaurant, Hergetova Cihelna, is famous for its delicious Sunday family brunches. It is one of the parents’ favorite restaurants located on the riverside. The upper lounge of the restaurant comprises a nappy-changing station, play area, high chairs, and breastfeeding section.

2. Výtopna

Výtopna is another great option to visit if you want to eat with your kids in a distinct and unforgettable setting. What makes this restaurant a perfect fit for the families, including children, is its attractive interior and unique serving style. How unique, you ask? Well, you might not have seen restaurants serving food in train models. There is a tiny railway spreading in the restaurant to keep your kids excited and enjoy their meal.

Prague Local Food Tips
Photo: Výtopna

3. Wabi Sabi

If you and your kids are fond of Japanese cuisine, then you should definitely visit Wabi Sabi. Believe us, it’s one of the best sushi spots in town. The eatery spot includes a lively play area for children. This is one of the best sushi places in Prague.

4. Pizza Nuova

Kids can never say “no” to pizza, and that what makes this pizza specialist everyone’s favorite. Along with a delicious range of pizza flavors, Pizza Nuova has a profound children’s menu and supervised play area to make lunching super fun.

Prague Local Tips
Photo: Pizza Nuova

What Locals Recommend: Special Tips from Prague-based Friends

Local #1: Samantha from The Wandering Wanderluster

I have called Prague my home for over 7 years but it wasn’t until I gave birth to my now 1 year old son that I came to see how family-friendly Prague as a city really is. There are so many beautiful parks, playgrounds, indoor play centres and child-friendly cafes in Prague that I never knew about until I became a mum.

My son loves the outdoors, so we spend a lot of time in parks and playgrounds which can literally be found everywhere across the city. Among our favorites is the playground next to Zofin Palace which suits children of every age, the playground at the foot of Petrin Hill, and the children’s play area in the Vyšehrad fort which includes a sandpit, swings, climbing frames and a fun zip line for older kids.

These three parks are great for families visiting Prague because they are all located in the city center. They can easily be incorporated into sightseeing which pleases the parents and the playground parks give the children some time to run about, so it’s a win-win for both parties!

Prague Local Tips

Local #2: Ivana from Localgrapher

If you’re planning a perfect family vacation in Prague, you may need a backup idea to keep the whole family entertained. Our tip? Show some interesting places you have on your list to your children – they’ll probably be more than excited to participate in the process of decision making!

Many families come to us every day not just to book one of our local photographers but also to get some tips on what to do with their kids in this beautiful city. Luckily, all our photographers are not only professionals but also locals, so they know the city inside out. Apart from the top listed spots like Prague Zoo and Petrin Tower, they often recommend visiting Letna Park or Zofin Island – both being very photogenic spots and great for an afternoon relaxation after the all-day city stroll.

Family Photoshoot in Prague

Local #3: Robert from Eating Europe

Visiting the parks of Prague is one of the “must-do” recommendations when visiting with kids. Letna is our most famous park with a beer garden in the center. Grab a beer and a table and let the kids run around in this super safe family-friendly park. Don’t miss a walk through either Stromovka Park or Petrin Park. Both are designed with families in mind, and your kids will have the chance to play with locals among the grounds and designated play areas. One small oasis in the absolute center of town is the Fransican Monastery Garden, which has a nice playground for kids conveniently located next to some classic eateries for a picnic or a snack.

Prague with Kids

In a nutshell

Czech’s capital is a family-oriented city with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for children to enjoy. From the increasing number of restaurants that cater to children’s specific menus and play areas to galleries, museums, pools, and playgrounds, Prague offers never-ending enjoyment and exploration to families with children.  Don’t forget to check out all the places and activities we mentioned when visiting Prague to make your trip a memorable keepsake for your children.