Berlin Specialty Coffee Guide: 15 Must-Visit Roasteries & Coffee Shops

Berlin Specialty Coffee Guide

In recent years, Berlin, the capital of Germany, has become one of the most prominent cultural hubs in Europe. From major historical landmarks to unique street art, prominent club scene, and food culture, it’s a place which gives you a promise of a travel adventure you’ll never forget.

If you’re a true coffee lover, you probably know that in the last couple of years Berlin coffee scene has been blooming. With a large international community and laidback social lifestyle, the third-wave coffee movement has basically become a part of Berlin’s foodie scene and the number of independent roasteries and local cafés has exploded. But coffee culture is not only about the bean and Berliners know that. Let’s have a look at these 15 cafés and roasteries where you’ll get more than just a good-tasting brew.

1. Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Address: Adalbertstraße 70, 10999 Berlin
Bonanza on Instagram

Bonanza Berlin Specialty Coffee GuidePhoto: Bonanza Facebook Page

As one of the pioneers of Berlin’s specialty coffee scene, Bonanza opened its doors already in 2006. Their signature light roasted high-quality beans are known across the town and truly complement the minimalist style of their hidden café in the heart of Kreuzberg. Simple espresso, filter coffee, delicious pastries, you name it they have it.

Coffee Menu: espresso-based drinks, pour overs
Food & Other Drinks: Delicious sweet & sour pastries, hot chocolate
Must-Try: Batch Brew

2. The Barn

Address: Alte Potsdamer Str. 5, 10785 Berlin
The Barn on Instagram

The Barn Coffee BerlinPhoto: The Barn Facebook Page

Here comes another coffee gem. Over the years, The Barn has become one of the most significant specialty coffee roasteries in Berlin and today their beans are sold worldwide.They have already  10 locations in Berlin and constantly pushing local café culture in Berlin a level up. Why do we love them? Not only do they serve the most delicious hand brews and espresso drinks, but they also feature a coffee-based special signature drink every month. 

Coffee Menu: hand brews, espresso-based drinks

Food & Other Drinks: Amazing sandwiches and pastries

Must-Try: Monthly signature drink

3. 19Grams Alex

Address: Karl-Liebknecht Strasse 13
19Grams Alex on Facebook

Berlin Specialty Coffee GuidePhoto: 19Grams Alex Facebook Page

Right in the middle of Alexanderplatz and Hacker Markt, fresh addition to Berlin’s exquisite coffee culture pours their freshly roasted coffee drinks. 19Grams Alex is located in the heart of Berlin Mitte and the audience is a refreshing mix of local Berliners, tourists, and international coffee enthusiasts. Their grinders are filled with their Tres Cabezas espresso house blend which you can also buy for your personal use at home. Apart from espresso-based drinks and amazing filter coffee of the month, they also serve cakes and lunch menus. 

Coffee Menu: espresso-based drinks, filter coffee

Food & Other Drinks: lunch menu and cakes

Must-Try: Filter coffee of the month

4. Concierge Coffee

Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999 Berlin
Concierge Coffee on Facebook

Yet, another great coffee spot worth visiting in Kreuzberg. Although this tiny space is only 15 square meters in size, Benjamin Pates and Namy Nosratifard had a vision back in 2013. They transformed this tiny location into a boutique espresso bar a few years ago and have been serving all the coffee enthusiasts in the neighborhood from then on. Even though the place is very tiny, you’ll fall in love with the brick walls and all the decor details inside. If you’re looking for a perfect intimate spot for a unique cup of coffee, definitely put these guys on your list.

Coffee Menu: espresso-based drinks, filter coffee

Food & Other Drinks: fresh juices, croissants, and cakes

Must-Try: Flat white

5. Chapter one

Address: Mittenwalder Str. 30, 10961 Berlin
Chapter One on Facebook

Chapter one coffee house is owned by a German-Czech duo known for their focus on slow coffee production. Believe it or not, if you enter Chapter one, you may feel like you’ve entered a science lab. They use various brew methods with a focus on filter coffee and serve everything from V60 to Aeropress, French Press, and Chemex. The interior compliments the unique style of this coffee house with mismatched tiles and makes this place a must-visit stop on your Berlin coffee hunt.

Coffee Menu: Filter coffee, espresso-based drinks

Food & Other Drinks: Teas and pastries

Must-Try: V60

6. White Crown (formerly Black Sheep)

Address: Bouchéstraße 15, 12435 Berlin
White Crown Cafe Berlin on Facebook

Located in Berlin Treptow, White Crown Cafe Berlin serves specialty coffee beans roasted by popular roasteries The Barn or Passenger. On a top of that, White Crown is a vegan coffee shop which lives and breathes this ethic. You can choose from more than 5 plant-based milk varieties in their coffee drinks and treat yourselves to some of the most delicious cappuccinos in town. If you come here, you’ll fall in love with the laidback atmosphere of their interior even before you taste their delicious lunch options. You can’t miss it!

Coffee Menu: espresso-based drinks, 

Food & Other Drinks: vegan snacks, lunch options, sweets

Must-Try: freaking delicious kombucha (!)

7. % ARABICA Flagship store

Address: Reichenberger Str. 36, 10999 Berlin
% Arabica on Facebook

It was not a surprise that % Arabica, Kyoto’s coffee culture icon, chose Berlin when they opened their first European flagship store in 2018. They combine a timeless German design with their focus on precision, and oh boy, it works well! The perfect blend of beans, passion, and special approach to coffee brewing make this place a total gem. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your #coffeeoftheday and chit chat with some top award-winning baristas while exploring the tastes of third-wave coffee culture.

Coffee Menu: everything from espresso to filters

Food & Other Drinks: breakfast, lunch, juices, pastries

Must-Try: batch brew

8. Five Elephant

Address: Alte Schönhauser Str. 14, 10119 Berlin
Five Elephant on Facebook

Five Elephant Coffee BerlinPhoto: Five Elephant Instagram

We’re not supposed to have favorites but here we are! The perfect combination of roastery, café, and bakery is how we imagine heaven. Once you enter Five Elephant, the smell of freshly brewed coffee while you look at those freshly baked cheesecakes will make you smile immediately. And don’t let us even start with the magical terrazzo counter design inside the cafeteria. Five Elephant coffee consistently ranks among the best in Berlin and their beans are distributed worldwide.

Coffee Menu: Pour overs, espresso-based drinks

Food & Other Drinks: Tea, fresh juice, hot chocolate

Must-Try: Best cheesecakes in town

9. Happy Baristas

Address: Neue Bahnhofstraße 32, 10245 Berlin
Happy Baristas on Facebook

Best Coffee Shops in BerlinPhoto: Happy Baristas

The happy baristas standing behind Happy Baristas are Slovak Barista Champions, Marian Plajdicko, and Roland Lodr. Located in Friedrichshain neighborhood, this place makes a perfect destination for every coffee lover who is ready to taste some delicious specialty coffee. They serve beans from some of the best roasteries around Europe, like Doubleshot from Prague, Casino Mocca from Budapest, or Great Coffee from Aarhus. Plus, the clean-cut and minimalist interior complements the perfect combination of great taste and laidback atmosphere.

Coffee Menu: pour-overs, coffee cocktails

Food & Other Drinks: breakfast cocktails, brunch, pancakes

Must-Try: cold brew charged with nitrogen

10. Westberlin Bar & Shop

Address: Friedrichstrasse 215, 10969  Berlin
Westberlin Bar & Shop on Facebook

Best Coffee Shops in BerlinPhoto: Westberlin Bar & Shop Facebook Page

Westberlin is a coffee and magazine shop located in the heart of Berlin, Kreuzberg. The interior has the feel of a Scandinavian approach to design and makes it a great working spot for people with laptops. Westberlin serves everything from regular espresso brewed on classic La Marzocco Strada to filter and cold brew using local Five Elephant beans. The one thing that distinguishes Westberlin from other coffee shops is the curated selection of niche magazines available in their shop. Definitely a place to check out.

Coffee Menu: filter coffee, espresso-based drinks

Food & Other Drinks: sandwiches, salads, kombucha, and wine

Must-Try: cold brew

11. Silo Coffee

Address: Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin
Silo Coffee on Facebook

Best Coffee Shops in BerlinPhoto: Silo Coffee Facebook Page

Opened in 2013, Aussies James Maguire and Morgan Love brought a piece of their home coffee culture to Berlin. Silo serves coffee beans from Fjord roastery and it’s a great address for your weekend brunch with their signature avocado toasts. Enjoy the vibrant neighborhood vibe, grab a cold brew, and soak the rustic interior details – it’s all worth it.

Coffee Menu: espresso-based drinks, filter coffee

Food & Other Drinks: Breakfast, brunch, fresh juice

Must-Try: cold brew

12. Kaffee 9

Address: Eisenbahnstraße 43, 10997
Kaffe 9 on Facebook

Best Coffee Shops in BerlinPhoto: Kaffee 9 Facebook Page

Kaffee 9 coffee shop and roastery is a favorite spot of the locals. It’s located at the entrance of the Markthalle Neun food market and serves its own house blend. Apart from specialty coffee drinks, Kaffee 9 also offers a selection of Italian pastries from the local bakery. If you seek a great local atmosphere, high quality roasted beans, and the fresh smell of pastry, this is a place to be.

Coffee Menu: espresso-based drinks, batch brew

Food & Other Drinks: sandwiches, Italian pastries

Must-Try: batch brew

13. Companion Coffee

Address: Weserstraße 166, 12045
Companion Coffee on Instagram

If you thought we’re done with Berlin Kreuzberg coffee stops, you were wrong. Here’s another jewel we cannot leave out. Companion was founded by Shawn Barber and Chris Onton, two friends who met in The Barn in 2010. Today they serve different roasteries from around Europe, and focus on high-grade espresso as well as tea. By the way, they’re located within the designer flea market, Voo Store, so after you’re done with your morning espresso don’t forget to pop in for a quick visit.

Coffee Menu: various selections from specialty roasters

Food & Other Drinks: soups, home-made cakes, vegan snacks

Must-Try: black tea from Nepal

14. Isla Coffee Berlin

Address: Hermannstrasse 37, 12049
Isla Coffee Berlin on Facebook

Best Coffee Shops in BerlinPhoto: Isla Coffee Facebook Page

Away from the busy streets of Hermnstrasse, there pops this bright little heaven of intense coffee smell and freshly baked pastries. Isla puts environmental sustainability as high as the quality of their coffee and their effort is visible in everything they do. From zero-waste cups, recycled materials in the interior to ethical food items and certified ingredients, they lay the standards that every coffee shop should follow. Apart from coffee, they also serve weekend brunches and amazing sandwiches all made from local produce.

Coffee Menu: filter coffee, espresso-based drinks

Food & Other Drinks: brunch menu, sandwiches, pastries

Must-Try: coffee kombucha

15. Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

Address: Münzstraße 21, 10178 Berlin
Father Carpenter on Instagram

Best Coffee Shops in BerlinPhoto: Father Carpenter Facebook Page

Last but not least! We don’t want to influence you but this might be the one prettiest coffee shop you can visit in Berlin. Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers is located in a beautiful courtyard with a spacious terrace directly in the heart of Mitte. They brew mostly Five Elephant and Fjord beans and apart from espresso-based drinks, they also offer batch brew. Plus, you better come here on an empty stomach because the selection of breakfast options and pastries is simply insane. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

Coffee Menu: espresso-based drinks, batch brew

Food & Other Drinks: breakfast, brunch, pastries, and sweets

Must-Try: espresso and chia puddings

In a nutshell

The coffee scene in Berlin is changing rapidly and there’s no way you can miss a great cup of coffee in this beautiful city. The options are basically unlimited and local cafes and roasteries are bringing their best game every day with their professional attitude and passion for specialty coffee on almost every corner. Did we miss any of your favorite specialty coffee spots in Berlin? Let us know, we want to know your ideas!

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