35 Inspirational Family Travel Blogs We Can’t Stop Reading (2020 Edition)

Best Family Travel Blogs

In our opinion, one of the best places to find valuable travel information is on family travel blogs.  This is because you can rely on these blogs when you need information as they are written by adventurous families who have traveled to the same place that you intend to visit. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite blogs that the family travel blog-sphere has to offer.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, essential tips for planning your next trip, or family-friendly travel ideas, you will find all of that (and a lot more) within these blogs. We have pulled together a list of 35 best inspirational family travel blogs that will help you in planning your next trip, or get you motivated and inspired to start.

1. Jetlag & Mayhem 

Visit blog herejetlagandmayhem.com
Follow them on Instagram: @jetlagandmayhem

Whether you are looking for top travel tips or funny and exciting stories, Jetlag & Mayhem has certainly got you covered. We love the blog as the bloggers believe that that travel is the best fun and entertainment that you can have with your children.

2. Learning Escapes 

Visit blog here:  learningescapes.net
Follow them on Facebook: @learningescapes

This blog is excellent as it provides travel inspiration as well as a travel-inspired lifestyle for your whole family. For example, you can search for vacation ideas and travel tips.

3. Hangry By Nature 

Visit blog here:  hangrybynature.com
Follow them on Instagram: @hangrybynature

Whether you are looking for romantic date ideas in Sydney or want to get some information on the best virtual zoo tours, this blog has you covered.

4. Wanderlust Crew 

Visit blog here: wanderlustcrew.com
Follow them on Instagram: @wanderlust.crew

Are you looking for practical tips for family travel and exciting destinations? Look no further than Wanderlust Crew as they have the most insightful tips and hacks for your family! 

5. TraveLynn Family 

Visit blog here: travelynnfamily.com
Follow them on Facebook: @travelynnfamily

This blog is great as it details how Jenny, with her hubby and 2 young boys try to push the boundaries of family travel, dispelling the common myth that adventure has to wait until children are ‘older’. 

6. Our Globetrotters 

Visit blog here: ourglobetrotters.com
Follow them on Instagram: @ourglobetrotters

We like this blog as it gives new parents the confidence and knowledge to travel the world with their kids – and make the most of it! 

7. Mom on the Move 

Visit blog here: mumonthemove.com
Follow them on Facebook: @mononthemoveblog

You will like Mum on the Move as it is a family travel blog that offers plenty of family travel advice, family hotel reviews, family travel product reviews, and amazing travel tips that will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

8. The Barefoot Nomad

Visit blog here:  thebarefootnomad.com
Follow them on Instagram: @thebarefootnomad

If you need travel tips, inspiration, and valuable travel advice, this blog has all that and a lot more. You will find everything that will make your next trip more fun and joyful, whether you are traveling alone or with your family.

9. Family Can Travel 

Visit blog here: familycantravel.com
Follow them on Facebook: @familycantravel

Whether you want to know about the best parks in Rome or want tips to plan your next tour, you will find this blog engaging and fun as the information is based on the real-life family travel experiences of the bloggers.

10. Traveling Mom 

Visit blog here: travelingmom.com
Follow them on Facebook: @travelingmom

The great thing about this blog is that there are several moms who post here, which means that you will get the benefit of multiple perspectives. 

11. Globetotting 

Visit blog here: globetotting.com
Follow them on Instagram: @globetotting

This is another amazing family travel blog. It is dedicated to discovering the best in fun and adventurous family travel. The bloggers share holiday ideas, travel tales, itineraries hotel reviews, and a lot more to keep you updated on everything related to family travel.

12. Wanderlust Storytellers 

Visit blog here: wanderluststorytellers.com
Follow them on Facebook: @wanderluststorytellers

Get the latest family travel tips and valuable destination guides from Jolene and Andrzej to make your next trip fun and memorable.

13. We3Travel 

Visit blog here: we3travel.com
Follow them on Instagram: @we3travel.com

We3Travel is another engaging and insightful family travel blog that provides destination guides, tips, and sample itineraries to take the guesswork out of your family vacation planning.

14. No Back Home 

Visit blog here: nobackhome.com
Follow them on Instagram: @nobackhome

Karilyn is a photographer, writer, and social influencer who provides detailed information for families to inspire and motivate them to get out and explore the world.

View this post on Instagram

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi⁣ ⁣ 🌎 I’ve been thinking these past few weeks/months about how the tourism industry is managing throughout the world. With travel at almost a standstill around the world, how are all the independent businesses managing? ⁣ ⁣ 🐪 During this time I’ve heard from tour guides in Egypt who shared their country with us, rickshaw drivers in Delhi and this week I got an email from the camel safari that took us to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Some messaging just to say hello and see how we were managing, some asking for help to sustain their own small business or like the @wanderlustcamelsafarijaisalmer , needing help for their camel drivers. Thankfully they all know how to use the internet and have connections to try to raise funds. ⁣ ⁣ 🌟 But what about the individuals who work in roadside stalls selling local foods? The artisan crafters? The hostels and small family run hotels? How are they all surviving during this unprecedented time? ⁣ ⁣ These people have given their all to start businesses in tourism and are now left wondering if they have a future doing what they love. ⁣ ⁣ ✨ Does anyone know if there are organizations working to give back to these small businesses throughout the world who don’t have government assistance? If you know of any please share. I’d love to help drum up support for folks in the tourism industry who are really struggling right now. ⁣ ⁣ ❤️ Thinking of you all, my travel industry friends. I hope the tides are shifting and hopes are rising. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #incredibleindia #incredibleindiaofficial #incredibleindia🇮🇳 #rajasthan #rajasthandiaries #rajasthantourism #rajasthan_tourism #rajasthantrip #indiatourism #india_ig #india_undiscovered #familytravel #travelwithkids #familyadventures ⁣ #familyvacations #travelbook #our_everyday_moments #enchantedchildhood #travelinggram #lifeisoutthere #adventurelover #travelbuddy #travelingkids #borntotravel #amazingplaces #childhoodwonders #flashesofdelight

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15. 5 Lost Together 

Visit blog here: 5losttogether.com
Follow them on Instagram: @5losttogether

The blogger, Eric, has been blogging for 5 years about adventurous and fun family travel. Get his insights as he has taken his kids to almost 60 countries and all seven continents.

16. The Global Wizards 

Visit blog here: heglobalwizards.com
Follow them on Instagram: @the_global_wizards

We like this blog as it inspires you to live your dream life as a family. If you are looking to get some budget travel tips and advice, this blog is perfect for you.

17. Detail Oriented Traveler 

Visit blog here:  www.detailorientedtraveler.com
Follow them on Instagram: @dotraveler

Detail Oriented Traveler is an excellent resource for busy mothers who want to travel more with their children before they move out. 

18. Thrifty Family Travel 

Visit blog here: thriftyfamilytravels.com
Follow them on Instagram: @thriftyfamilytravels

We like this blog as these bloggers have always had a great passion for traveling, making friends, and exploring new destinations. They have traveled to almost 40 different countries. 

19. Otis and Us 

Visit blog here: otisandus.co.uk
Follow them on Facebook: @otisandus

This is another great family travel blog. The bloggers share travel tips, family days out, glamping, and even campervan adventures. They aim to inspire other people to travel with young children.

20. Traveling Canucks 

Visit blog here: travelingcanucks.com
Follow them on Instagram: @travelingcanucks

This blog is about family travel. The bloggers, Nicole and Cam Wears, prove that it is certainly possible to travel, be the father of two kids and have a professional career.

View this post on Instagram

We've passed Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest countless times on our way from Vancouver to Whistler, and vice versa. Every time we pass the sign we say, "one of these days we should check out Brohm Lake". A few weeks ago, we finally decided to pull over and check it out. The lake is much bigger than we expected. We assumed it was similar to Browning Lake in Murrin Provincial Park, but we would guesstimate it's about 5 times the size.  There are a few hiking trails that can be accessed from the parking lot at Brohm Lake Recreational Site. We decided to do the loop trail that circles the lake, thinking it would take about 20 minutes or so. We were wrong – it was much longer than expected and took us over an hour to complete.  It's a nice hike, aside from the section that runs parallel to the Sea to Sky Highway. It was the right amount of time and effort for a hike with our boys. A few leg burning sections but mostly a rolling trail with lots of viewpoints.

A post shared by Cam and Nicole Wears (@travelingcanucks) on

21. Our Next Adventure 

Visit blog here: ournextadventure.co
Follow them on Instagram: @our.next.adventure

On Our Next Adventure, you will find family-friendly packing lists, itineraries, and tips for traveling with toddlers and babies. 

22. Marcie in Mommyland  

Visit blog here: marcieinmommyland.com
Follow them on Instagram: @marcieinmommyland

From fun Seattle-area activities to global travel, learn tips and tricks for surviving and enjoying family adventures with your children.

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We have teamed up with the most amazing travel families and are gifting away $1450 in cash prizes for your dream vacation!⁣ .⁣ Grand Prize: $800 CASH⁣ 2nd Prize: $250 CASH⁣ 3rd Prize: $150 CASH⁣ 4th Prize: $150 CASH⁣ .⁣ To Enter:⁣ .⁣ 1. Follow @travelfamilygiftaway and EVERYONE they are following⁣ 2. Like and save this post⁣ 3. Tag a friend – one per comment – celeb/spam accounts do not count, we ⁣ check! *1 comment = 1 entry **ENTRIES ARE UNLIMITED ⁣ 4. BONUS entries comment #dreamingtravelgiftaway and the place your dreaming about.⁣ .⁣ Photo: @seesdayphoto⁣ .⁣ Open worldwide and winnings paid by PayPal. Entries close 11:59 pm⁣ MST March 26, 2020. The winners will be picked by a random pick ⁣software and verification that they have completed all of the steps will⁣ be completed. The four lucky winners will be announced on this post and⁣ insta stories (contacted via DM) ‪on March 29, 2020‬. The winners have ⁣24 hours to claim their prize. Good luck! This is no way sponsored by ⁣Instagram, PayPal or any of their affiliates. By entering, you confirm ⁣you are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree⁣ to Instagram’s terms of use.

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23. Flashpacking Family 

Visit blog here: flashpackingfamily.com
Follow them on Instagram: @flashpacking_family

Flashpacking Family is a globe-trotting family that is on an open-ended trip around the world. Join them as they blog about their activities and adventures.

24. Together We Roam 

Visit blog here: togetherweroam.com.au

Join Rene Young and her family as they hunt down secluded beaches, get lost in a city’s back alleys, and experience new places through the eyes of their children.

25. Full Suitcase 

Visit blog here: fullsuitcase.com
Follow them on Facebook: @fullsuitcase

Join the family blogger, Jurga Rubinovaite, as she discusses her top destinations, top travel tips, and best travel advice in this insightful and fun blog.

26. Flip Flop Globetrotters 

Visit blog here: flipflopglobetrotters.com
Follow them on Instagram: @flipflopglobetrotters

Join this family of three as they travel around the world with their son, sharing tips and travel guides.

27. Our Family Passport 

Visit blog here: ourfamilypassport.com
Follow them on Instagram: @ourfamilypassport

We like this blog as the trio shares their experiences to help inspire other people to cultivate a life of fun, discovery, and fulfillment through travel. 

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CABO HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.⠀ ———————⠀ What activity would you like to do most? ⠀ ⠀ A: hanging out on the beach or by the pool⠀ B: racing side by sides on the beach and in the desert⠀ C: getting pampered at the spa⠀ D: deep sea fishing⠀ E: scuba diving ⠀ F: kayaking & zip-lining⠀ G: golfing on ocean-view courses ⠀ H: eating your weight in guacamole⠀ ⠀ Guess what, you don’t have to choose just one… Cabo is a great destination for ALL these things and MORE. ⠀ ⠀ That’s why we love traveling to Cabo as a family… the wide range of activities caters to our big family and our diverse interests! ⠀ #luxuryhospitality #vacationhomes #skymileslife #delta #cabosanlucas #mexicolors #mexicotravel #capturamexico #mexico_amazing ⠀ ⠀

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28. Mum Pack Travel 

Visit blog here: mumpacktravel.com
Follow them on Instagram: @mumpacktravel

Join a solo mum as she helps other solo parents know they are more than capable of taking their children on life-changing adventures. 

29. Go Live Young 

Visit blog here: goliveyoung.com
Follow them on Instagram: @goliveyoung

This brilliant blog features travel advice, tips, and inspiration for family travel throughout the world. 

30. Local Passport Family 

Visit blog here: localpassportfamily.com
Follow them on Instagram: @localpassportfamily

Local Passport Family is an excellent US family travel blog that you will love. Preethi features both her family travels and many learning moments that will help you get inspired. 

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Can you se the double L-O-V-E? It’s been fun finding the love statues around Virginia and this one at the state’s oldest remaining covered bridge was our favorite. It was deserted and the creek was perfect for some water play. . Speaking of love, I got dozens and dozens of messages yesterday after a quick story I posted about all the things I DON’T do in our home and in our lives. I’m not superwoman; far from it. And so many of you needed the reminder to LOVE what you do and who you are – what you do, and also what you don’t. . Especially during this time, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s so much going on. Too much. Between family concerns and health concerns and school concerns and community concerns, it’s just so much. . You’re doing great. If you have a Pinterest-worthy distance learning setup, that’s great! If you’re sitting outside doing zoom calls on a phone, that’s great! You’re doing GREAT. . My friend @aboutprogress shared yesterday that doing our best changes over time. Our best can look different depending on our circumstances. And that’s true for our kids, too. Our capacities and our capabilities evolve. And that’s okay. . Soooo let’s hear it. What is one thing you’re GOOD at right now, and one thing you’re NOT and not worrying about? I’ll start – I’m terrible at playing with my kids. I didn’t even really do toys or imagination games as a kid, so I definitely don’t now. I’m good at distilling information and explaining it so kids can understand. Your turn! . @visitvirginia . . . #harbuckiesacrossamerica2020 #visitvirginia #uniquelyalleghany #travelingwithkids #travelingfamily #familyadventures #rvfamily #rvliving #rvlifestyle #homeschooling #exploretheworld

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31. Kids Are a Trip 

Visit blog here: kidsareatrip.com
Follow them on Instagram: @kidsareatrip

If you are looking for family travel destinations, luxury travel destinations, bucket list ideas, and teen travel tips, this is the best blog for you. 

32. Suitcases and Sand Castles 

Visit blog here: suitcasesandsandcastles.com
Follow them on Instagram: @suitcasesandsandcastles

Join Clare and learn how to make your family travel more fun and exciting with amazing tips and insights.

33. Learning to Breathe the Abroad 

Visit blog here: learningtobreatheabroad.com
Follow them on Instagram: @learningtobreathetheabroad

Join a mommy and son team, working, homeschooling, and traveling around the globe! 

34. Four Around the World 

Visit blog here: fouraroundtheworld.com
Follow them on Instagram: @fouraroundtheworld

Meet the Aussie family of 4 who fit in travel in their life as frequently as they can. Simon and Holly have traveled to nearly thirty countries. 

35. Wanderlust and Wet Wipes 

Visit blog here: wanderlustandwetwipes.com
Follow them on Instagram: @wanderlustandwetwipes

We like this blog as it helps families travel more adventurously so that they can enjoy their holidays together while making happy memories.

This is our list of some of the best and most inspirational family travel blogs we’re reading these days. We hope that this list has given you plenty of inspiration if you are looking for new family travel guides, tips, and inspiration. Also, do not forget to check out our other blog posts for more travel advice.

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