15+ Travel Blogs from Europe That We Love Reading

Best Europe Travel Blog

Europe has so many historical sites to see, unbelievable views to take in, delicious foods to eat, and adventures to be explored. It seems impossible to know where to even begin when it comes to planning a travel adventure here.

Which countries should you visit? What are the tourist attractions and off-the-beaten-path explorations? What food should you try that you may not get anywhere else? There are many ways to help guide you in your decision making. Travel blogs are especially a good way to get prepared for your upcoming trip because they provide true and genuine opinions on locations and activities. It is a great source for all you need to know and more. We’ve come up with some of the best travel bloggers in Europe for you to take a look at.

Blog #1: World of Wanderlust

This blog is full of positivity when it comes to getting lost around the world. Designed for women, they provide readers with a massive amount of travel information, reviews, and make them develop a sense of desire to travel to unknown locations, away from the hustle and bustle of popular cities.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Travel Guide to Santorini

Blog #2: Globetrotter Girls

A blog started by two girls, a travel couple Dani and Jessica set off to start a voyage with no end date. Now traveling separately, Dani still looks to share her solo adventures with the world. This tells of the empowering story of leaving her job to travel the world unknown, hoping to inspire others to do the same and enjoy the beauty of the globe they live in.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Cuba: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

5 Epic European Road Trips

Blog #3: Drive on the Left

American couple Drew and Julie turned European bloggers after three years of living in London. Their blog is neatly separated into different categories, specific to each location they’ve traveled, stories, and food and drink, so it’s easy to navigate. They encourage those who are avid explorers, armchair travelers, and those looking inspiration.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
A Taste of Thailand on a Private Bangkok Street Food Tour 

Becoming Safari-ers in Kruger National Park

Blog #4: Young Adventures

European blogger Liz Carlson tells it like it is on her website about her misadventures and exciting escapades when traveling solo around the globe. Featuring entertaining travel stories with chaos, sarcasm, and brutal honesty, readers are enticed by this traveler’s personality and appreciate the raw detail of her travels.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Solo and Single in the Most Romantic Place in the World

The Matterhorn: An Adventure Around Switzerland’s Most Perfect Peak

Blog #5: Surviving Europe

The blog title speaks for itself. The website features an entire section on surviving different countries around Europe, including not-so-common ones like Slovenia and Malta. It also features a separate blog for travelers looking to leave their comfort zone.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Discovering Prague: 4 Days in the Bohemian Capital
12 Hardest Things About Living Abroad

Blog #6: The Wanderlust Effect

A perfect guide for travel, the Wanderlust Effect features put-together categories divided into different travel styles such as affordable travel, family travel, luxury travel, and adventure travel. It also features guides and inspiration as well as categorized experiences like arts and culture, beach trips, bucket list experiences, cities, food and wine, and wildlife and nature.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Itinerary Inspiration: 4 Days in Siem Reap
6 Perfect US Destinations for a Group Gateway in 2020

Blog #7: Budget Traveller

Need tips and tricks for a budget-friendly trip? This blog features helpful information on luxury hostels in different continents, including Europe. The creator, Kash, and his team of professionals get hired as speakers for travel conferences. So if you want to feel inspired for your next trip, look out for his conferences!

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Cheap Eats Guide to Malta
My 75 Tips to Save Money When Travelling in Europe

Europe Travel Blog #8: Europe Up Close

Check out this insider’s guide to travel in Europe. Much of the content is recommended by locals around the continent, so you know they’re getting the best information for a unique getaway. This European travel blog features tips on gear, hotels, and deals to ensure your perfect trip.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Plan Your Algarve Road Trip
Why Now is the Best Time to Visit Balkans

Blog #9: Trip and Travel Blog

All your questions will be answered on this blog that features everything from travel apps to tourist reviews, to traveling with kids and more. Their blog features unique articles that you won’t find anywhere else and are both entertaining and factual reads.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
How to Raise Your Children to Love Travelling
How to Plan a Holiday on a Budget and Make Sure You Stick With It

Blog #10: Travelling Buzz

Written in English, Travelling Buzz is an informational blog featuring adventures, destinations, and even a podcast. It also includes an entire section dedicated to Bulgaria, making it a perfect place for travelers to gain insight on this “not so touristy” country.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Road trip in Bulgaria: 5 Places to Visit in Rhodope Mountains
Feeling Adventurous? Here’s 5 Great Outdoor Activities in Turkey

Blog #11: Travelling Weasels

Laura’s goal with her blog is to help you “weasel” your way out of habits that make you unhappy. She’s eager to push you to do something you love, like traveling the world and exploring the beauty of it.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Prediction: Camping Will Trend After Covid-19
London to Amsterdam on the Bus

Blog #12: Heather on Her Travels

Heather’s goal is to target the 50+ traveler looking for some excitement. She provides a mix of UK getaways, European city breaks, small ship cruising, hiking trails, road trips, and more, proving no matter the age, you’re never too old to travel the world and experience some magnificent adventures.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
15 of the Best Day Trips from Munich By Train
Scandinavian Tours to Enjoy in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Blog #13: Indefinite Adventures

Sam, vegan digital nomad, tells stories and provides guides from adventures beyond. He gives you practical advice as well as looks to inspire readers in his blog posts (even if it’s more than just travel expertise) Life is always an adventure, and he wants you to realize that too!

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
10 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Solo
Is It Possible to Become Eco-Friendly While Traveling

Blog #14: Cool Kidz Cool Trips

Taking your family on a trip is a great bonding experience. This blog provides great family travel tips, such as advice for when your kids fly solo, how to plan a trip with ease, and how to take your kids to do different activities.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Kids Flying Solo: What You Need to Know
6 Things I Stopped Giving A Sh*t About After I Started Traveling With Kids

Blog #15: Inside Out in Istanbul

Author Lisa Morrow dedicates her website to the city of Istanbul. Her goal is to introduce visitors to the lesser-known sights and areas of the city. After writing three books about Turkey, it’s easy to say she’s a trusted guide.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Istanbul Parks You Can Visit By Public Transport
Istanbul Metro Stops: Art Underground

Blog #16: Annie Andre

Annie is a bilingual North American with Thai and French-Canadian roots currently residing in the south of France. She shares her stories about life and travels with a French twist, along with living life with her family from a move from California to the other side of the world.

Some of our favorite must-read blog posts:
Cost of Living In France: How Much It Cost Our Family To Live in France For One Year

10 Largest Cities In France You’re Pronouncing Wrong + what makes them so popular

There are many travel blogs based on European travel, making research for your next trip a lot easier. The trusting nature of all these blogs help future travelers experience through articles, exciting them for what’s to come. But they’re also informative, inspirational, and can ease the stress that comes with planning.

With so many countries in Europe to explore, these bloggers can depict the best of them all, and can not only help plan your upcoming trip but the many trips you’ll make down the road. So if you’re thinking about traveling to the wonderful continent of Europe but have questions, make sure to check out these blogs on Europe for your answers.