Traveling to Croatia: All-Inclusive Experience with Rentals Dubrovnik (Interview)

Private Tour in Dubrovnik

Croatia has been one of the most popular vacation spots in Europe for decades. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your 2021 travel bucket list, this might be the right place to go. In this week’s #ExperienceOfTheWeek, we talked to Boženko, the founder of Rentals Dubrovnik, who presented to us all the reasons why you should visit this magical destination. Let’s hear the story of Rentals Dubrovnik, shall we?

Q1: Hi Boženko, how are you doing?

I am great. Thank you. Hope I find you well too. 

Q2: Tell us more about the history of Rentals Dubrovnik. Where did the idea come from?

I am coming from Dubrovnik and all my life I’ve been working in the tourism industry. After 15  years of working at different positions in several hotels in Dubrovnik, I learned a lot about hospitality. One day I decided to start my own business. I collected my team, then we found the first clients, and since then we’ve been growing year to year. We started as a property management company offering our service in Croatia. Now we’ve expanded our business to tours and experiences in the whole country, especially in Dubrovnik area.

Q3: Croatia is an amazing destination and I bet there are dozens of things to show to fellow travelers. How big is your team? Are you all locals?

During the season, our team includes more than 25 employees, plus we cooperate with our partners. We operate across the whole of Croatia, so our employees are located in every bigger city and they are all locals.

Private Tour in Dubrovnik

Private Tour in Plitvice Croatia

Q4: Your selection of experiences is literally endless – you offer everything from accommodation to boat trips to transfers. What are the most popular activities among travelers who come to you?

Well, all our tours and activities are very popular and each of them offers a different story to our guests. If I need to choose I think the most popular activities are one-day boat excursions to the Elaphiti Islands in Dubrovnik, wine tasting in Pelješac Peninsula, and a day trip to Plitvice.


All of those activities are relaxing and very informative. During the excursion to the Elaphiti Islands, the guests can enjoy the boat ride while visiting three islands and their beautiful nature. The wine tasting on the Pelješac peninsula includes a visit to the historical town Ston where the guest can see the second longest city wall in the world. After the walk, they relax while tasting authentic wine in the local wine cellars. National park Plitvice offers a unique incredible nature, waterfalls, lakes, and I definitely recommended visiting it to every guest who comes to Croatia.

Q5: Today many people travel and plan their itineraries on their own. Why would you recommend booking one of your experiences to our travelers?

I would recommend our experiences because we are locals showing the travelers our view and there is no better way than to experience a new destination through the eyes of a local.

Private Tour in Dubrovnik

Private Tour in Dubrovnik

Q7: The travel industry is in uncharted waters right now but we all hope travel will rebound soon. What does the situation in Dubrovnik look like right now? How was your summer season? 

Dubrovnik suffered during this season as we are mostly a plane destination and, as we all know, the majority of the airline companies canceled their scheduled flights. Once the restrictions and cancellations started, we have set low expectations for the summer season and in a way, our expectations were exceeded, as we are as satisfied as we can be.

Q8: Last but not least, what is your favorite spot around Dubrovnik that you’d take your friends to see or experience? Tips from a true local are always worth it 🙂

Personally, the best was to explore the Dubrovnik area is by boat. Renting a small boat and going island hopping in the Elaphiti. Start the day by swimming in the caves in Koločep and then relaxing on the beautiful sandy beach on Lopud. Then to finish the day, sailing slowly next to Lokrum island to see the sun setting behind the city walls.

Private Tour in Plitvice Croatia

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