Explore the Hidden Gems of Italy: Milan, Tuscany, Venice and More (Interview)

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Another #ExperienceOfTheWeek series is here. This time, we travel to Milan, Italy, where we had a lovely conversation with Carlotta, co-founder of Italy Hidden Experience, a travel experience tour provider. If you’re wondering what kind of tours are they specializing in, where in Italy can you book one of their tours, and what are some of their most popular must-visit spots in this beautiful country, you’ll find out everything in the interview. Let’s start, shall we?

Q1: Hi Carlotta, how are you doing? How’s life in Italy these days?

Hey! We are fine thanks! What about you, guys? Life in Italy is running slower than last year but it’s going on! Day by day we are reopening every activity and people feel a little more comfortable in traveling and exploring!

Q2: Let’s dive in. Tell us more about the story of Italy Hidden Experiences. How did it all start?

We began our journey in January 2019. We thought that Milan & Lombardy were not so valorized as they could and we thought that leading Italians and foreigners to discover the, would be a great choice.


During our first year, friends, customers, and dozens of people started asking for other cities as well. So, we’ve decided to build up a proper Italian Experience, adding new destinations such as Florence & Tuscany, Rome & Lazio and so on.

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Q3: Italy is an incredible destination and I bet there are dozens of things to show in every region to fellow travelers. Which regions are you based in?

We are based in Milan, Lombardy, but as I’ve mentioned we are constantly developing our offers and destinations. Right now you can find us in Lombardy (Milan, Bergamo, Lake Como, …), Tuscany (Florence, Siena, Chianti, …), Lazio & Rome, Veneto & Venice, Piedmont & Turin. 

Q4: How many guides do you have in your team? Are you guys all locals?

All our guides and sommeliers are locals! We think we are running around forty experts in all our destinations.

Q5: Your selection of experiences is literally endless – from walking tours to cooking classes to wine tastings. What are the most popular activities among travelers who come to you?

We have decided to offer our customer a 360° experience whilst in Italy: cooking classes, tastings, and tours with local guides are the best ways to be in contact with people that comes from Italy. 


Our most popular activities are definitely wine tastings both in Tuscany and Veneto, as well as Palazzo Vecchio guided tour in Florence, La Scala theatre museum experience, and Sforza Castle experience, both in Milan and last but not least the Egyptian Museum experience in Turin.

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Q6: Today many people travel and plan their itineraries on their own. Why would you recommend booking one of your experiences to our travelers?

Someone said that you don’t really travel until you experience something like a local. The best way to do it is booking a tour with a local guide, or a tasting experience in a winery or acetaia that is not on the “touristic” paths: our wineries are mostly family-owned.


Furthermore, our tourists need and want to discover something more about the destination they are at: this is what we do. We create memories and stories that our friends will carry on forever.

Q7: Travel industry is in uncharted waters right now but we all hope travel will rebound soon. What does the situation in Italy look like? Are you expecting tourists to come back soon?

In Italy, we are experiencing a slow reaction to the lock-down situation. It is mandatory washing hands frequently and wearing masks. We think those suggestions help people feeling safe and healthy. Unfortunately, this year we are not facing a large number of tourists, but hopefully, from next Christmas, things will recover better.

Q8: Last but not least, what is your favorite spot around Italy that you’d take your friends to see or experience? Tips from a true local are always worth it 🙂

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer! We can suggest you to visit Milan, for example, the city is not just about finance and fashion. It hides a lot of history and hidden gems such as Brera Gallery. Otherwise, if you prefer to visit Florence, you can’t miss Palazzo Vecchio! It hides Dante’s mask! 


You can also enjoy a wine tasting experience with lunch in a medieval Castle in Tuscany! Well, we can carry on for days suggesting where to go and what to do but we think that it might be better to stop here and let you discover our suggestions and experiences directly!

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