Santorini with Pigaia Travel: The Experience You’ll Never Forget (Interview)

Santorini Private Tour

In today’s #ExperienceOfTheWeek, we fly down to the beautiful island of Santorini to talk to Anna, a member of the Pigaia Travel team. If you ever wondered whether you should visit this magical place, Anna will most probably make you pack your suitcase right after you’re finished reading the interview. From the unique caldera to the magical sunsets, amazing wine, and the breathtaking news, let’s talk about what makes Santorini one of the most popular travel destinations among travelers worldwide.

Q1: Hi Anna, how are you doing?

Excellent, thanks! This year we have the time to prepare special experiences for our visitors on the island of Santorini. We’re looking forward to 2021 when surely everything will be ready!

Q2: Tell us more about Pigaia Travel. Where did the idea come from and what has changed since the beginning?

It all started with our love of travel. We believe that each place has a unique story to tell us. Having been born and raised on this unique island, I wanted to transfer all the love and knowledge I have for this island to our visitors. I believe that no one should lose the uniqueness of each place. It is my honor that Pigaia Travel gives me this opportunity.


My partner and I started Pigaia Travel. Above all, the love for our island leads us to constantly look for new experiences and places for our travelers. When they come here, they should feel like visitors and not clients. Seeing what others have not seen and feel what others have not felt.

Q3: Santorini is a very trending destination and I bet there are dozens of things to show to fellow travelers. How many guides do you have in your team? Are you all locals?

Santorini is truly a magical world. A “Living Volcano”. There is so much to see for this and our ideas never end. The unique caldera, the wonderful sunset, the amazing wine, and so much more. At Pigaia Travel we are a team of 10 people and we are all locals.

Q4: Your selection of experiences is literally endless – you offer everything from excursions to car rentals. Which service is the most popular?

We really work very hard to be able to offer everything you see. We give visitors the option to choose a route on their own or we offer specific routes. I would suggest the following – Different Τreasure Ηunt in Santorini, Santorini Walking Tour and Picnic, Santorini the Most Popular Destination 5hours, and Santorini Photo Safari Top Places.

Q5: Can you tell us more about your tour packages? You do everything from historical sites to boat tours. Which ones do you recommend the most for a first-time visitor?

I think anyone visiting our island for the first time should see why it is so famous. I would suggest a private tour of the Santorini sights or an adapted excursion according to their interests.

Santorini Private Tour

Q6: Today many people travel and plan their itineraries on their own, especially in well-known destinations such as Santorini. Why would you recommend booking one of your experiences to our travelers?

The knowledge and places that a local knows can not be found anywhere else. There are places you will never find alone and stories so unique that they are not written anywhere. it is really unfair to travel here and lose everything. We have done many organized and private tours for this reason.

Q7: The travel industry is in uncharted waters right now but we all hope travel will rebound soon. What does the situation in Santorini look like right now? Social media are slowly getting full of Santorini sunsets again.

We are optimistic that everything will go well! Santorini is very organized at the moment. We follow all civil protection measures and we feel safe. In Pigaia Travel, we have attended a special seminar for this reason and we promote private and outdoor excursions.

Q8: Last but not least, what is your favorite spot around Santorini that you’d take your friends to see or experience? Tips from a true local are always worth it 🙂

It really is a very difficult question! There are many favorite places and I would definitely not go for one. Santorini has a unique view that takes your breath away, wonderful traditional villages with unique architecture, archeological sites that were buried by the lava, wonderful wine unique flavors, and so much more. The best is to come and see it for yourself.

Santorini Private Tour

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