Raise the Spirit in the Office! Book Your Virtual Escape Game with Iconic VIP Tours (Interview)

Virtual Escape Room Games

Hello travelers! This week’s #ExperienceOfTheWeek series is a bit different. This time, we talked to Natacha Adjovi, the founder of Iconic VIP Tours, who recently decided to follow her passion for creativity and created captivating virtual experiences where participants could have fun, learn new things, boost their wellbeing. Can’t you imagine attending a virtual escape room or play some virtual trivia games in your office? Well, Natacha will hook you up for sure.

Q1: Hi Natacha, how are you doing? 

I have been very well, thank you. I have more free time now that I don’t go to museums so I take on cooking and socializing.

Q2: Let’s dive in. Tell us about the story of Iconic VIP Tours and your virtual escape games. How did it all start? 

As a professional tour guide and founder of Iconic VIP Tours, I have been exposed to some of the world’s greatest works of creativity and imagination. I loved to make my tours very entertaining by playing games, introducing puzzles, and linking the artifacts in the museums to the greatest books, movies, and myths.


When Covid 19 began, I decided to create captivating virtual experiences where participants could – just like in my tours in the museums – have fun, learn new things, boost their wellbeing.

Q3: Escape Games have become a phenomenon all around the world. You, however, pushed the idea even further when you introduced virtual escape games to the world. Where did the idea come from?

I always loved the idea of treasure hunts and during the lockdown, I was only too aware that people and companies still needed a way to connect and escape, even only virtually.  So I decided to bring my love for creativity, imagination, and games to the virtual world and help people to reconnect with one another.

Q4: Your games are inspired by various books, movies, and stories. What are the most popular ones and where do you get inspiration from?

My most popular games are Dragon Quest inspired by The Hobbit and Thor. Then, Save Vatican City, inspired by Angels and Demons and National Treasure and also The Crystal Skull Deciphered inspired by Indiana Jones and The Road to El Dorado.

Virtual Escape Room Games

Q5: Apart from standard sessions for the public, you also do various team buildings and corporate events. What is the maximum number of participants in one virtual escape game?

Each experience can hold up to 98 participants per event and create up to 10 breakout sessions.

Q6: Now to the funny part. Escape games call for smiley stories and the virtual ones even more. Can you think of any funny stories you’ve had with your customers recently?

I love the fact that guests become so competitive during the sessions and there is always lots of laughter. It really feels like having a good time virtually with friends more than work! 

Q8: Last but not least, which virtual escape game experience from your offer is your personal favorite one?

Oh, that’s a very difficult question because I love them all! But I have to say that my favorite is the Dragon Quest because I am a big fan of The Hobbit and I find Norse Mythology very interesting.