Slovenia with Kids: The Ultimate Travel Guide By Family Travel Experts

Best Things to Do with Kids in Slovenia

Slovenia has been one of the trendiest family vacation options in Europe for the last couple of seasons. It has everything from mountains to lakes and offers all kinds of experiences from adventurous activities to vibrant city strolls around the capital, Ljubljana. Whether you’re already putting together your travel itinerary or you’re just looking for that final kick to start planning your Eastern-European adventure, we have some tips for you.

Learn some of the best tips from our favorite family travel bloggers and local travel professionals to make your family getaway in Slovenia the most magical experience ever. From Lake Bled to a ski trip in Kranjska Gora, they know the best spots to visit with your little ones.

Travel Tip #1: Jovan from Slovenia Holidays

The Slovenian countryside is an incredible destination for kids to enjoy outdoor activities. Undemanding, family-friendly hiking and cycling routes in places like Bled, the Logar Valley, Pokljuka, Bohinj, Velika Planina, and Kranjska Gora are simply begging to be explored. There’s also a fantastic Adventure Park near Lake Bled that you shouldn’t miss out on and bear watching in Slovenia’s wild forests is another thrilling option.

1. Ski Holiday in Slovenia

Taking your family on a ski holiday to Slovenia is always a wonderful idea. Kranjska Gora, the wintertime sports hub, offers multi-lingual ski instructors, nursery slopes, snow parks, and green pistes right at your hotel’s doorstep. Then there’s the Krvavec ski resort with a polygon and a snow park and Rogla’s Fun Park, which promises an unforgettable family ski adventure.

2. Visiting Predjama Castle

Youngsters and their parents will certainly be in awe when visiting the Predjama Castle, a medieval wonder perched within a cliffside, and traveling into the depths of the world-famous spectacle called the Postojna Cave.

3. House of Illusions in the Capital

To feed your imagination, a visit to Ljubljana’s House of Illusions comes highly recommended, as does the educational and fun experience of spending a day at a Slovenian farm.

Travel Tip #2: Nina from Nest Campers

Slovenia is a prime destination for family travel as it offers everything your kids could wish for – lakes to swim in, adventurous rivers, castles full of history, mysterious caves, and more.

1. Camping adventure in the Savinja Valley

It’s hard to pick only a few destinations, but there’s a special one that simply has to be included on your Slovenia trip with kids – camping Menina. Situated in the heart of Savinja valley, next to the river, this camp has it all. You can either camp in a tent or with a campervan or rent one of their amazing mobile homes. The amount of activities your kids can choose from in this camp is mindblowing. The location of the camp is superb. It’s only 30 min drive to one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe, Logar Valley.

2. Family Trip to Kranjska Gora

A great area to base yourself with kids is also Kranjska Gora with numerous activities to choose from. This little village is nestled right under the Julian Alps. A rich culinary offer, pools, children’s playrooms, lake Jasna, summer sledding and toboggan, and fairy-tale lands. The family cycling routes and tourist hiking trails place Kranjska Gora at the top of the offers intended for families.

3. Deer Farm in Podčetrtek

Another area that is much less know, but nonetheless amazing for kids, is in Podčetrtek, Olimje. Here your kids can visit a deer farm and feed the animals, visit the local monastery with monks and chocolaterie, and to top it off, visit the land of fairytales and imagination, where they’ll see a witch house and many international fairytale heroes, such as Snow White and Pipi Longstocking. 

Travel Tip #3: Jemma from Have Kids Will Travel UK

Slovenia stole our hearts from when we took our daughter when she was only fifteen months old.

1. Boat Trip Across the Bled Island

We adored the landscape but nothing quite prepared us for the beauty of the Vingtar gorge and the Soca river. My daughter especially loved the boat ride across to the Bled Island and the train ride around it. We’d love to take her back as there are so many adventures she’s now old enough to try.

2. Don’t Forget a Carrier

If you are heading there with smaller kids, I’d invest in a carrier. There are so many gorgeous off-road places to visit that being limited with a pram wouldn’t allow you to do the justice it deserves.

Best Things to Do with Kids in Slovenia

Travel Tip #4: Jerneja from Exploring Slovenia

Short distances and great diversity make every trip in Slovenia unique. You can literally have both unspoiled Alpine vistas and the lively seaside in one day. You can walk-in lush vineyards, precariously groomed on never-ending rolling hills, explore mind-boggling karst caves, or simply enjoy a nice family picnic in one of the little coves along the emerald green Soča River. My advice? Whatever you do, do it in absolutely no rush. Even the most adventurous locals haven’t seen or done everything and they’ve been working hard on it for years.

1. Explore the Alpine Valleys

If you’re an outdoor junkie like me, make sure to visit Alpine parts of Slovenia as your whole family will get a big kick out of them! My favorite can be found in the northwest around small towns like Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Bohinj, and Bled. You’ll find yourself surrounded by marvelous Alpine valleys like Vrata, Krma, and Tamar.

2. A Trip Across the Vršič Pass

A trip across the Vršič Pass will let your family immerse in a relaxing outdoor adventure in the Soča Valley where the emerald and turquoise colors prevail, and you can find breathtaking waterfalls and gorges practically around every corner. If that’s not enough, load your family in a raft and prepare yourselves for a wild (but safe) ride in the Soča’s white waters. Or put on hiking boots and head into the mountains to explore crystal clear Alpine lakes and enjoy a nice meal in one of the many mountain huts. Unbeatable views guaranteed!

3. Triglav National Park with Teenagers

As a cherry on top, families with older kids can do a return hut-to-hut back to Bohinj following the old WWI trails, hiking in the mesmerizing Triglav National Park.

Travel Tip #5: Miha from Slovenia Trips

I have two kids myself. They are 3 and 6. We go out a lot and hike, bike, swim, and explore Slovenia’s great outdoors. The biggest reward I get is when they say: “Daddy, isn’t this so much more fun than being at home and watching cartoons!” My heart sings and our family bonds. I guess deep down this is what everyone is searching for. There are so many options for fun family action in Slovenia and in summer we always search for some water activities: swimming, stand-up-paddling, river-walking, kayaking, rafting, and more. These are my favorites.

1. Walk, Swim & Bike Along the Alpe-Adria Trail

A perfect point-to-point journey for nature-loving families who would like to “get away from it all”. The kids need to be good walkers, but this trip has it all: rugged limestone mountains, hidden river pools, romantic overnight in a hay-barn, rafting on the turquoise Soca river, and loads of pure nature.

2. Lake Bohinj

True alpine paradise within the Triglav National Park. Rent a boat or stand-up paddleboard and explore the hidden north shore of the lake. Find your secret beach, catch some fish, and enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery. The Bohinj area is also a heaven for hikers & bikers, you can do paragliding, river kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding and so much more. Combine your stay in Bohinj with a couple of days in the Soca valley and get your perfect family outdoor adventure.

3. Slovenian Rivers and Waterfalls

For waterfalls, you have to go to the Soca valley. They come in all shapes and sizes. Playful, rugged, warm, ice-cold, hidden, popular, etc. Kozjak waterfall is probably the most famous and easily accessible, which makes is so popular. Come early in the morning and have it for yourself. My favorite is the Pericnik Waterfall close to the spectacular Triglav North Wall. A super refreshment on hot summer days!

If you are a river freak, explore the lazy Krka and Kolpa rivers. Find an easy-going campsite or be fancy and go glamping, rent a paddleboard, and let the fun begin!

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