50+ Best Madrid Blogs and Websites You Should Know About

Tips for Madrid Travelers

Reading an informative blog post before trying something is not much different from driving a vehicle; you need to study highway codes, learn about the best routes, and beware of the traffic rules to reach your destination safely.  

Although nothing can give you the real feel like sitting behind the steering wheel and hitting the road, learning about the rules, routes, and driving norms help you navigate through the whole process. A good driving lesson, that is to say, is more like reading and learning about something through an informative piece of writing such as a – BLOG

And gathering information about the “City of Contemporary Art” Madrid is no exception. From its spots like b popular as shopping heaven to Royal Palace, Plaza de la Villa to eateries like Taberna Real and Meson del Champion, Madrid encapsulates a never-ending charm. Whether you have studied Spanish or want to travel to the exotic cities of Europe, learning about the city before you visit it will help you make the most of it.  

So if you are looking for the best Madrid blogs, you have landed on the right page. We have the ultimate list of the most popular Madrid blogs, bringing you a whole new view to discover Madrid, Spain through the eyes of experienced bloggers. Whether you want to explore museum exhibitions, you’re looking for a comprehensive list of historical sites, or you’re interested in learning about the Spanish cuisine, here is the list of 50 best Madrid blogs.


1. Naked Madrid

Visit Naked Madrid blog here: www.nakedmadrid.com

Naked Madrid has comprehensively listed some long articles, mainly presenting reviews on the scrumptious food spots, restaurants, and bars in the city. The attractive food illustrations and detailed food reviews combine to give you in-depth knowledge of the subjects.

From the best brunch spots to cozy and unique wine bars, Naked Madrid has enlisted them all. Interestingly, all the blogs are in English, giving you insights about the authentic food experience you may have in the city.  

Not only this, but Naked Madrid also enumerates tips on outdoor activities, trips to the town’s fascinating places, and music taste of the city. What interests us the most is the service information for the expats to help them learn the language and find housing.

Best Madrid Blogs

2. Espacio

Visit Espacio blog here: www.espaciomadrid.es

Leisure, getaways, street markets, and gastronomy, Espacio has a lot to tell you about The Spanish blog includes some well-researched and enlightening content for the readers. This local, independent blog takes a sneak-peek into everything that enables you to enjoy your stay. It lists events, fairs, exhibitions, theaters, monuments, and cultural news. In short, the blog is enough to give you an excellent highlight of what Madrid is up to.

Best Madrid Blogs

3. Madrid Cool Blog

Visit Madrid Cool Blog here: www.madridcoolblog.com/en/

If you have been in the traveling market and are looking for an extensive guide blog to update your knowledge, Madrid Cool Blog is a must-check. The locally-run blog features some amazing insider tips and spots you can discover during your stay in the city. 

This English blog takes readers through the new eatery spots, bars, coffee houses, and some fantastic getaways in Madrid. From the Roman gold mine of El Bierzo to breathtaking Lavender fields in Brihuega; the blog can really give you the pure traveling vibes. 

Best Madrid Blogs to Follow

4. Kusina Madrid

Visit Kusina Madrid blog here: www.kusinamadrid.com

From exciting cross-cultural stories to information about delectable cuisine, Kusina Madrid has it all. It is one of the best blogs for travel enthusiasts who are looking for an excellent blog that talks about both food and culture. Kusina Madrid also includes tips to choose interesting local eateries, highlighting the exclusivities and delicacies from the menus.

The food blogs have a good grip on the food culture as it also enlists food news, festivals, and the Spanish specialties in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Offering some thought-provoking content in Spanish and English, the blog can be your food guide in Madrid.

Best Madrid Blogs to Follow

5. Madrid y Yo

Visit Madrid y Yo blog here: ww1.madridyyo.com

A joined venture of two friends, Madrid y Yo, is not just an inventory of some of the unique places in the city. With its summery illustrations and feel, the blog typically reviews shops, coffees, restaurants, and markets. The blog is in English and is adding some more interesting sections for its readers. We are looking forward to the section that will add interviews of locals and exciting people around the town.

Best Madrid Blogs to Follow

6. Spain Revealed

Visit Spain Revealed blog here: www.spainrevealed.com

You must check out “Spain Revealed” if you want to know personal experiences and reviews of one of the famous seasoned food writers – James Blick. Madrid features James’ personal take on the best restaurants and bars around Madrid. If you are a travel foodie and feel overwhelmed when picking an eatery spot, the blog is ideal for you. All you need is to trust in foodie-approved places picked by an expert foodie himself.

Top Websites About Madrid

7. Be Madrid

Visit Be Madrid blog here: www.bemadrid.com/blog-madrid

Be Madrid makes an excellent and informative blog for students and expats visiting or studying abroad. The blog gives expats suggestions on finding economical houses, excursions, and activities. Some of the best features of this blog include survival tips to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Top Websites About Madrid

8. Madridnt

Visit Madridnt blog here: www.madridnt.com

The blog is not for you if you are planning to move to Madrid. Instead, it advises you to become a successful English instructor or language teacher in the city. The blogger has also added her personal experiences of apartment hunting and the best supermarkets in the town.

Top Websites About Madrid

9. My Little Madrid

Visit My Little Madrid blog here: www.my-little-madrid.com

My little Madrid is your go-to blog that has plenty of spots to sleep, places of fun activities, and exciting events where you can participate with your little ones. Besides this, you can check out the blog to find some affordable shopping markets and restaurants. In short, you can find some useful information about the best spots where you can learn, buy, and enjoy while staying in Madrid.

Top Websites About Madrid

10. Spanish Sabores

Visit Spanish Sabores blog here: www.spanishsabores.com

When you combine recipes and travel tips, it becomes “Spanish Sabores.” And that is what sets this website apart from the rest of the blogs. The blog doesn’t just make an ideal combo of food and travel but also includes much more beyond that. For instance, if you want to find out about Madrid Tapas tour or corporate experiences, don’t forget to check out this blog.

Top Websites About Madrid

11. Secretos De Madrid

Visit Secretos De Madrid blog here: www.secretosdemadrid.es

As the name implies, Secretos De Madrid has all the secrets of the city that you might be interested in knowing. 

The Spanish blog is a center of information if you want to explore local experiences that locals themselves rarely know about. It includes everything from hidden gems, historical facts, red-light districts, to restaurant recommendations. Going through this blog is one way you can improve your language and general knowledge without having to spend a penny. This is a defining feature of this blog.

Top Websites About Madrid

12. Cheap in Madrid

Visit Cheap in Madrid website here: www.cheapinmadrid.com

Very few blogs tell you about cheap deals in Madrid. One of them is “Cheap in Madrid,” where you can find some rare and valuable content related to the best ways to survive in the metropolitans like Madrid.  

A competent team of editors makes this blog incredibly useful for people trying to meet the ends. Thus, from secret places in Madrid and sharing living spaces to tips on affordable sightseeing, the blog guides you on just about everything.  

Top Websites About Madrid

13. Oh Hello Spain

Sign up to Oh Hello Madrid blog here: www.ohhellospain.blogspot.com

The blog is a kind of personal piece of writing and belongs to Kate Turner-an English blogger, living in Madrid. Kate has beautifully narrated her experiences and travelogues in the blog. The personal insights to travel and live in the city are what make “Oh Hello Spain” standout.

However, you have to subscribe to Kate’s blog to follow and learn from the journey.

Top Websites About Madrid

14. Visit Madrid

Check out Visit Madrid official website here: www.esmadrid.com/en

Want to stay updated and on top of local events, projects, Madrid fiestas, and neighborhood? Visita Madrid can help you do that. The blog has loads of information to discover Madrid at a glance. You can explore art and culture, sports, special event, tourist information centers on Visit Madrid.

15. Madrid no Frills

Visit Madrid no Frills blog here: www.madridnofrills.com

The blog will surely make you fall in love with its engaging content and amount of information. The blog takes you on a hunt to explore the hidden gems, breathtaking museums, authentic bars, and Madrid’s untold stories. The unique and well-written content in the blog combines interesting illustrations that are compelling enough to make you book a flight to Madrid.

Top Websites About Madrid

16. The Making of Madrid

Visit The Making of Madrid blog here: www.themakingofmadrid.com

Interested in exploring the history of Madrid? “The Making of Madrid “dives into the rich historical events and takes you to a thematic tour of the city. You may find about the things (from a medieval city to modern metropolis) and facts you have never heard of.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

17. Madrid Food Tour

Visit Madrid Food Tour blog here: www.madridfoodtour.com/blog

Fun trips, local cuisine, and useful information about traveling within Madrid – this is one of the blogs you must check out for in-depth information. That means with its information on tours-to-join and events-to-participate, “Madrid Travel and Food Blog” can add a lot to your stay in Madrid.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

18. Alternative Travelers

Visit Alternative Travelers blog here: www.alternativetravelers.com

As you can see from the name, the blog is not for you if you are a meat lover. Instead, the blog features veganism and the places where you can find the best vegan menus in Madrid. Plus, this English blog also talks about budget travel, house-sitting, and sustainability.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

19. Wondrelicious

Visit Wondrelicious blog here: www.wanderlicious.es

It is another good blog if you are interested in a plant-based type lifestyle. The blogger mainly talks about vegan and vegetarian cooking and cuisine.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

20. Microplan Madrid

Visit Microplan Madrid blog here: www.microplanmadrid.com

The Spanish blog digs deep and adds some unique continental eatery stops in Madrid. Moreover, it gives you a glimpse of picturesque architecture and less-known sights of the city. It is a must-check if you are planning a short trip to the city.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

21. Madrid Diferente

Visit Madrid Diferente blog here: www.madriddiferente.com

It is another foodie blog that comprises information on local foods, bars, botanical nights, concerts, and music festivals. The interesting food blog offers some fun articles and reviews, and interesting food news to make you feel like a local (even if you’re not).

Tips for Madrid Travelers

22. Time Out Spain

Visit Time Out blog here: www.timeout.com/madrid

“Time out” is undeniably an excellent blog about the stuff you can enjoy in free time. The Spanish blog details not only the latest news and cultural events but also offers great recommendations for restaurants, bars, music, and arts. The blog also has information on events happening in local areas and the best neighborhood.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

23. We 3 Travel

Visit We 3 Travel blog here: www.we3travel.com

This family blog can be a great source of information for traveling with your children in Madrid. It has everything you need to know “What you can do in Madrid” with your kids. If you need suggestions for unique family activities and restaurants, We 3 Travel has a lot to guide.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

24. Spain Guru

Visit Spain Guru blog here: www.spainguru.es

This blog is by American bloggers who advise people moving to Madrid. The blog includes comprehensive information about work permits in Spain or long-term residency options in Spain.

Best Madrid Blogs

25. Women on the Road

Visit Women on the Road blog here: www.women-on-the-road.com

If you are a traveling soul and loves adventures, the blog is for you. Women on the road guide female solo travelers about how they can travel safely to some of the scenic and fantastic places in Madrid. The blog provides a unique perspective for travelers, especially people who are scared or apprehensive about solo traveling.

Tips for Madrid Travelers

26. Madrid Free

Visit Madrid Free blog here: www.madridfree.com

Madrid Free is a blog with plenty of tips for travelers looking for free or cheap deals or activities in Madrid. The blog is in Spanish and includes posts about dancing, clubs, volunteer projects, guided tours, and exhibits.

Local Madrid Tips

27. Feel Madrid

Visit Feel Madrid blog here: www.feelmadrid.com

Feel Madrid is a travel blog entirely devoted to exploring Madrid. The blog digs travel information related to transport, events, landmarks, museums, best lodging, and landmarks in Madrid. The blog is in English and helps you explore the beautiful surroundings in Madrid.

Local Madrid Tips

28. Nomadic Matt

Visit Nomadic Matt blog here: www.nomadicmatt.com

The ultimate travel guide to Madrid, Nomadic Matt, can be a real reference to enrich your traveling experience. Posted by the New-York Times bestselling author, the blog offers some amazing money-saving trips. Written in English, the blog is a useful and extensive information source for travelers of all ages.

Local Madrid Tips

29. Y Travel

Visit Y Travel blog here: www.ytravelblog.com

It is another blog comprising of tips on things and activities to enjoy in Madrid. It is a part of the city guide series. A couple covers this series to give inspiration to travelers. The blog is all about accumulating experiences and memories with well written and original tips to enjoy in Madrid with family. The blog recommends the best neighborhoods and places to eat and drink.

Local Madrid Tips

30. Eat and Love

Visit Eat and Love blog here: www.eatandlovemadrid.es

The Spanish blog inspires you to enjoy delicacies and world-class cuisines. It is a guide to love and eat by trying new recipes and interesting stuff. This lifestyle blog keeps on updating unique places to eat and drink with stunning pictures to help you feel alive and motivated. The blog also features some traveling guidelines for foodies to gather authentic, unique, and fun experiences.

Local Madrid Tips

31. Somos Malasana

Visit Somos Malasana blog here: www.somosmalasana.eldiario.es

It is an in-depth and comprehensive Spanish blog about exciting neighborhood activities. You can explore everything from community projects to new restaurants, bars, and news in the blog.

Local Madrid Tips

32. Little Miss Madrid

Visit Little Miss Madrid blog here: www.littlemissmadrid.wordpress.com

It is a blog from Cat Powell- the most active and popular blogger of Madrid. The blog aims to explore the delicacies and specialties of newly opened restaurants in Madrid. More like a review, Little Miss Madrid can bring you insights into the eatery projects blossoming in the city.

Local Madrid Tips

33. Meetup.com

Visit Meetup website here: www.meetup.com

Traveling can become more fun in Madrid when you are with the right group of people. Whether you are visiting Madrid first time or have never been with the other traveling companions, this blog can provide you with endless options of different community groups to join in the city. If you are planning to stay long in Madrid, you must check out this blog.  

Local Madrid Tips

34. On the Luce

Visit On the Luce blog here: www.ontheluce.com

The blog can do great to maximize your money, travel time, and sharing tips for travel adventures with affordable luxury. By providing advice and inspiration for your travel time, it gives you many tips on how to plan everything on a budget. The English blog combines beautiful photos and inspirational stories, along with valuable details that can make your trips a reality.

Local Madrid Tips

35. Madrid and You

Visit Madrid and You blog here: www.nueva.madridandyou.com

Madrid & You is the best blog that explains why you should choose Madrid as your next traveling destination and gives you tons of reasons to explore the city. The blog allows you to enjoy the city from various perspectives so that you can feel like a local while exploring the best places to see, eat, drink, and, most importantly, confess your love to your significant one.  

Local Madrid Tips

36. Paulina on the Road

Visit Paulina on the Road blog here: www.paulinaontheroad.com

Are you all about sustainable and eco-friendly traveling? Paulina got you covered on her blog packed with travel stories & guides narrated in both English and Spanish. In just 8 years, she experienced living in 7 cities and have spent 4 years in Spain. Although she’s now back in Luxembourg, her home base, her blog is packed with tips on the best museums to visit, food & drinks to taste, and neighborhoods to explore in Madrid from local wanderer’s perspective.

What Locals Recommend in Madrid

37. Con El Morro Fino

Visit Con El Morro Fino blog here: www.conelmorrofino.com

The Spanish blog Con El Morro Fino is precisely for foodies. The features that make this blog stand out are the in-depth details and information about the best traveling deals and the hottest restaurants in Madrid.

Local Madrid Tips

38. Guias Viajar

Visit Quias Viajar blog here: www.guias-viajar.com/madrid

It is another unique add-on in the list of comprehensive blogs that has great content and information on the city. Guias Viajars shares information and updates on lovely and attractive sights in Madrid to visit.

What Locals Recommend in Madrid

39. Las Mesas de Vanessa

Visit Las Mesas de Vanessa blog here: www.lasmesasdevanessa.com

This Madrid blog is all about restaurants. The food blogger features a wonderful selection of bars and eateries in Madrid to help travelers explore popular cuisine and dishes from different places. That means you can find the reviews on the best restaurants in Madrid, where you can have tasty Italian, French, Japanese, and Mexican food.

What Locals Recommend in Madrid

40. La Madrid Morena

Visit La Madrid Morena blog here: www.lamadridmorena.com

This personal Madrid blog talks about excursions, cultural plans, and gastronomy. The Spanish blog also includes some must-visit restaurants that specialize in Italian cuisine. The blog has an Italian-Madrilenian soul, making it unique and different from other blogs. It has also won “the best blog award” by 20 Minutos newspaper.

What Locals Recommend in Madrid

41. Expert Vagabond

Visit Expert Vagabond blog here: www.expertvagabond.com

Matt – a renowned name of blogging is a photographer by profession. His adventurous soul is what made him quit his job and follow his dreams. He started writing in 2010 to motivate and make people learn from his posts and traveling mistakes.

Matt’s blog includes everything from exciting destinations to ideal and exotic restaurants and scenic places for photography. Moreover, the blog dives deep into Madrid’s local culture and highlights the defining features and traditions of the city.

What Locals Recommend in Madrid

42. Desbravando Madrid

Visit Desbravando Madrid blog here: www.desbravandomadrid.com

Desbravando Madrid is a blog for you if you have a Portuguese background. The blogger belongs to Portugal and created this blog for the Portuguese speaking travelers to help them explore the gems of Madrid City. The blog includes tips and tricks, fun facts, and legends to give travelers a hang of the Spanish city.

What Locals Recommend in Madrid

43. Esto Es Malasana

Visit Esto Es Malasana blog here: www.estoesmalasana.com

The blog is a creative piece of writing from Adriana Fernandez, who came to live in the neighborhood of Madrid in 2012. She narrated her personal experiences, explorations, and discoveries in the city to educate traveling enthusiast. Her blog features a unique mix of opinions, places, and reviews of the eateries and visiting spots in the Spanish capital. You can keep track of Adriana’s latest blog posts also on her Facebook page or even Instagram.

What Locals Recommend in Madrid

44. Go Madrid

Visit Go Madrid blog here: www.gomadrid.com

This piece of the blog has everything you need to know before traveling to the largest city in Spain. It is not much different from a mini city guide that contains beneficial tourist information. Make sure you read this blog to find out the best places to stay, eat, and pay a visit to. 

Madrid Travel Tips

45. Oneika the Traveller

Visit Oneika’s blog here: www.oneikathetraveller.com

Who would mind having some unique traveling tips from a travel enthusiast like Oneika Raymond? The travel channel host and popular media personality have added her unique experiences and suggestions to the blog. You can find picnic spots, decent hotel rooms, cheap accommodation, and metro spots in the majestic city of Spain.

Madrid Travel Tips

46. Moving2Madrid Blog

Visit Moving2Madrid blog here: www.moving2madrid.com

As the title implies, the English blog is for international professionals who want to move to Madrid. The blog provides plenty of hassle-free options to find a dream house in Madrid. From sourcing, leveraging networks, negotiating the prices to handling home buying or renting process, the blog helps you in everything.

Madrid Travel Tips

47. The Chorizo Chronicles

Visit The Chorizo Chronicles blog here: www.expatmadrid.com

Daniel is one of the famous Spanish bloggers who write for people who live in Spain and people who want to move to Spain. The refreshing blogs use the latest news and happenings from Madrid to educate and entertain people.

Madrid Travel Tips

48. The Eating Place

Visit The Eating Place blog here: www.theeatingplace.com

The blog is the joint venture of two friends Carlos and Rafa, who want to share their passion, experiences based on the trip, outings, and, most importantly, good food through writing.

In short, the Spanish blog makes readers a part of their gastronomic adventures. By reading this blog, you can explore fashionable restaurants, culinary corners, and new flavors.

Madrid Travel Tips

49. Erasmusu

Visit Erasmusu blog here: www.erasmusu.com

The English blog is the best read if you want to make the most of your short-trips to Madrid. It includes information about exciting spots, sights, eatery spots, hipster neighborhoods in the city.

Madrid Travel Tips

50. Lingo Bongo

Visit Lingo Bongo website here: www.lingobongo.com/madrid

Lingo Bongo is one-stop if you are looking for language training centers, local communities, employment opportunities, and best living spaces in Madrid. You can even post an advertisement and your resume on the page to explore more options.

Madrid Travel Tips

51. LAE Madrid

Visit LAE Madrid blog here: www.laemadrid.com

The whole of Spain comes to one place when you read this blog. The blog is loaded with the information that you will rarely find in any other written piece. You can discover the unique details like cultural shocks, gifts that move emotions, free places to study in Madrid, best seasonal events, and friendship expressions in this blog.

Madrid Travel Tips

52. Amigos Madrid

Visit Amigos Madrid blog here: www.amigosmadrid.es

You can discover the whole of Madrid through this Spanish blog. It is full of interesting leisure activities and fun places such as pubs, nightclubs, parks, natural pool, reality gaming spots, and music festivals in Madrid.

Madrid Travel Tips

53. The Blegger

Visit The Blegger blog here: www.theblegger.com

Do you love going to the bars that have hip crowds, lively vibes, and a relaxed atmosphere? If yes, then “The Blegger” is your blog. Whether you are looking for the oldest hippie bar or the one that specializes in Gin tonics, the Blegger can be your go-to guide. Not only this, but you can also find some calm spots to spend time and friendly markets to buy traditional wear.

Madrid Travel Tips


In a nutshell, Madrid holds a unique and distinctive charm that attracts tourists, adventurers, and traveling enthusiasts all round the year. The fabulous city is one of the hottest spots for bloggers who like to narrate their experiences and aspirations through informative blogs.  

Thus, the given list of the blogs talks about everything from splendid urbanity, beautiful art and monuments, tasty eatery spots, and distinct culture that make Madrid one of the must-added destinations on your bucket list.

The blogs do not only describe Madrid’s unique features in detail but also help people discover and understand its cultural norms, traditions, local practices, and food choices. You can read the blogs to get the quick highlights of the city and its lifestyle.