Top 30 Blogs About Lisbon You Should be Reading

Best Lisbon Travel Blogs

Reading up on a city before you visit is like reading a menu before heading to the restaurant; you want to know what to expect and what to look forward to when you get there! Many informative blogs can help you really gain an idea of what to expect when you’re visiting the chosen city for a trip of a lifetime. It lets you plan ahead for excursions, restaurants, and day-to-day activities you may not have known about before visiting.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a perfect example of when to plan ahead. There are so many sites to see in this hilly and coastal beauty, you need to make sure you plan accordingly. For your next trip to Lisbon, we’ve rounded up a list of 30 Lisbon blogs to help you prepare and make this trip one to remember. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Go Lisbon Blog

Visit Go Lisbon Blog here:

This blog provides insight on the best hotels to stay at, including for certain occasions like Valentine’s Day. Plus, includes some information on what unique places to grab a drink or bite.

2. Atlas Lisboa

Visit Atlas Lisboa blog here:

With a touch of everything, Atlas Lisboa is the “people’s guide to Lisbon.” This blog is run by locals, making it a valid source to guide readers with reviews to different bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. 

Blogger of the Year Lisbon

3. Little Upside Down Cake

Visit Little Upside Down Cake blog here:

Blogger Sanda Vuckovic is a food stylist, recipe developer, and photographer wrapped into one simplistic website. It guides readers towards must-see cafes, boutiques, and experiences through her words and photos.

4. Urban Pixxels

Visit Urban Pixxels blog here:

Although not a full Lisbon-dedicated blog, there are some great insights for your trip there. There is much travel inspiration for all your planning needs, including how to eat your way through the city. 

5. Lisbon by Light

Visit Lisbon by Light blog here:

Paula, a French-Portuguese Lisbon local, is your guide to off-beat and luxurious tips and tours. You’ll leave her site with a desire for art studios, cafes, iconic Portuguese brands and products , and scenic viewpoints to impress your social media followers. 

Blogger of the Year Lisbon

6. Where Two Go To

Visit Lisbon by Light blog here:

Visit Where Two Go To blog here: Edgar and Diana are a Portuguese and Romanian traveling duo living in Lisbon, sharing their best practical tips so you don’t get lost in the city, as well as share stories about significant places they visit, like Lisbon’s oldest coffee roastery.

7. Magnificent Escape

Visit Magnificent Escape blog here:

Sharing personal and wholesome stories on all her travel endeavors, Marlies brings people from all over the world together in her blog. It features simple tricks and tips when visiting each city, and includes insights to places such as Lisbon.

8. Lisbom

Visit Lisbom blog here:

If you are into gastronomy, the practice of cooking and eating good food, then this is a site you must check out. These locals provide tips about food culture and eating out, so you’ll get to pick and choose what sounds the most appealing for your trip.

Blogger of the Year Lisbon

9. Our Travel Passport

Visit Our Travel Passport blog here:

Only have a quick stay? This guide features the must-dos day by day when you’re in the vibrant city with so much culture and color.

10. Salt of Portugal

Visit Salt of Portugal blog here:

For the foodies; get the inside scoop on this website run by a small group of friends. Each provides stories behind the food producers in and around Lisbon.

11. Two Scots Abroad 

Visit Two Scots Abroad blog here:

Gemma and Craig will help you create the perfect itinerary for any destination. It will prepare you for an adventure-filled vacation and break down everything there is for you to pick and choose.

Best Lisbon Travel Blogs

12. Lisbon Photo Memories

Visit Lisbon Photo Memories blog here:

If you’re more into show than tell, check out this blog featuring pictures through the lens of a local. Paula Paz provides a unique experience as she takes you on a journey through the streets of Lisbon.

13. Lisboa Live

Visit Lisboa Live Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram

With presence on Facebook and Instagram, the pictures shown here tell a story of the beautiful city. Lisboa Live features rapid updates from Lisbon with specific locations, so you always know exactly where to go with none of the guesswork.

Blogger of the Year Lisbon

14. Every Steph

Visit Every Steph blog here:

This glamorous blogger proves to her readers that they can easily be luxurious and sustainable all at once, no matter which city you visit. She also features out of the ordinary suggestions, as well as tips for fashion and lifestyle.

15. Time Out Lisboa

Visit Time Out Lisboa blog here:

Written in both Portuguese and English, this traditional publication has a wide-ranging list of restaurants, rooftop bars, local events, shops and neighborhoods to explore. You’ll never have a day of boredom when visiting.

16. Indie Traveller

Visit Time Out Lisboa blog here:

Visit Indie Traveller blog here: This traveler enjoys the element of exploration. He believes walking is the best way to travel through Lisbon, because you get to see things tourists don’t normally get to see. 

Blogger of the Year Lisbon

17. Bon Traveler

Visit Bon Traveler blog here:

Blogger Jessica encourages readers to travel often. The goal is to inspire and help through the planning process, which she can do through her weekly storytelling and imagery.

18. Geeky Explorer

Visit Geeky Explorer blog here:

Get down to earth with this blog, run by an Engineer helping to save you time and money on your trip to Lisbon. Their goal is to have you travel smart and be practical, all while enjoying yourself.

19. The Nomadic Vegan

Visit The Nomadic Vegan blog here:

Get the inside scoop on where to find vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods all over the world. Creator Wendy Werneth is based in Lisbon, so she is the perfect local guide to seeking the best vegetarian food findings. 

Best Lisbon Travel Blogs

20. You Could Travel

Visit You Could Travel blog here:

If you’re traveling as a couple, this blog helps you gain a rekindled love for traveling together. The blog guides you to intimate locations and experiences, and will make sure the romance sparks.

21. As The Sparrow Flies

Visit As The Sparrow Flies blog here:

Writer Sam Sparrow is full of personality, and it shows on her blog. Not only does it feature practical tips, but it also guides you fitting in as much travel and adventure as possible while you can.

22. Twins that Travel

Visit Twins that Travel blog here:

Twins Claire and Laura guide readers explore out of their comfort zones. They provide fun guides through Lisbon and will make you question why you didn’t travel sooner.

Blogger of the Year Lisbon

23. GastroGays

Visit GastroGays blog here:

This Irish duo shares their 48 -hour experience in Lisbon, uncovering hidden gems and raving on the food that you’ll not want to miss out on.

24. Find Us Lost

Visit Find Us Lost blog here:

If you only have a weekend, this is the perfect guide to cramming as much as you possibly can into just a few days. 

25. Soul Travel

Visit Soul Travel blog here:

Putting a lot of heart and soul into their explorations is what this blog does best, telling the story of revisiting the Lisbon more than once, and what to expect when you’re there.

26. Hand Luggage Only

Visit Hand Luggage Only blog here:

This article features the must-visit spots for when only going to Lisbon for a weekend. They even encourage going for a short amount of time, as this smaller capital provides loads of activities without seeming rushed.

Blogger of the Year Lisbon

27. Abby Capalbo

Visit Abby Capalbo blog here:

Abby creates an in-depth story-telling guide, featuring her experiences as well as stunning pictures that will make you excited to visit.

28. Wanderlusting K

Visit Wanderlusting K blog here:

This local provides the perfect insider guide for those traveling to Lisbon for the first time. These tips include touristy attractions as well as local prices, aesthetic, and common things to expect while you’re there.

29. Blonde Atlas

Visit Blonde Atlas blog here:

Whitney writes her experiences, looking to inspire and encourage readers to live their best lives. On her hunt for best places to see, Lisbon made the list, and you can follow her as she shares her story (and pictures).

30. Migrating Miss

Visit Migrating Miss blog here:

This is the ultimate guide to help you prepare for your trip, providing you with 21 things to know before you go. You won’t have any doubts after you read blogger Sonja’s article. 

Best Lisbon Travel Blogs

The fun part about visiting different travel blogs is that each writer has their own experience when it comes to exploring. Some can be from a local’s point, and others can be from an experienced traveler. However, there is one universal agreement; Lisbon is a beautiful city worth traveling to. These exploration experts are here to help you plan the most exquisite trip, from the sites, to the food, to the shopping, and beyond. From the moment you land to the moment you leave; you’ll be left with a desire to come back and explore more of what makes Lisbon special.