The pleasure of conviviality goes far beyond good food. Whosoever sits at the table of Rita and Luisa is invited not only to participate in a unique gastronomic experience, but to discover those family ties which, from generation to generation, have managed to preserve the culinary traditions.

This is why at the end of the cooking class, everyone enjoys all the courses they prepared in class during an unforgettable lunch or dinner in company of your fellow “student chefs” making new friends, sharing experiences and creating fond memories of an amazing vacation in Southern Italy to cherish.

Your full course meal includes a half a bottle of local red or white wine, mineral water, dessert, coffee and Limoncello.

Italy’s culture is a patchwork of regional culinary and cultural traditions. Rita and Luisa create the menus directly from their family cookbooks to tell the story of their traditional regional cuisine around the dinner table.

Menus may vary according the seasonality to allow the use of the best possible fresh ingredients and can be tailored to meet any requirements regarding food allergies and dietary needs.

Cut off

4 hours