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Uña is one of the most well-known and beautiful villages from all the Mountainous area of Cuenca. It has also a very special lagoon and here begins one of the most spectacular trekking pathways in Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park.

Uña Lagoon. It has a natural origin and was declared Wildlife Refuge in 1988 by the diversity of birds, mainly wintering birds, which live in the lake, as well as another kind of birds, like those of prey, and mammals, such as otters. With the assistance of optical devices (prismatic, telescope) we will be able to sight many bird species whether related to the lake (Grey heron, Great cormorant, Marsh harrier) or rocky cliffs species (Griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture).   

Hiking route El Escalerón and La Raya. The route is a circular trail of 5.6 mi. in length and average difficulty. Along this itinerary, we will be able to enjoy a magnificent perspective of Uña Lake, almost a bird's eye view. In addition, the spectacular scarps of the southern edge of La Muela de la Madera hide lots of details that serve to understand how this peculiar landscape was formed. The route begins bordering Uña Lake and going up El Escalerón until we get an impressive view. We will continue the route bordering the vulture nests around the lake. The itinerary has indeed an average difficulty by the rough descent, although the footpath is in good conditions. Firstly, we will go down the slope by an alley… until arriving at La Raya. A spectacular cleft in the rock, through which you will walk until beginning the steep descent back to Uña.  

We'll be back in Cuenca arround 3:30 p.m.


Wear comfortable footwear (trekking boots if possible)
Warm up well in winter
bring hat and water in the summer months  

Cut off

8 hours