Enjoy a day trip out of town and visit the picturesque Monastery of Montserrat situated on an iconic mountain. We will take care of the whole logistics so lay back and join us!

Believing in the most sustainable means of transportation we will take the train to Montserrat where we go up the mountain using the historic cable car. You will learn about the Benedictine monastery with its more than 1000 years of history and also listen to the world famous Boys´ Choir that has been existing for more than 500 years and is one of the oldest in Europe!

We will also go up to the top using the funicular and enjoy great panoramic photo moments before walking back down to the monastery. Before returning to Barcelona we will also walk to a truly amazing spot: a chapel in the mountain!

So join us on this fascinating trip to the monastery on the iconic mountain!


Train Tickets

Tickets for the historic cable car and funicular



Lunch is not included but there are several option, such as a decent all you can eat lunch menu for approx. 15 Euro incl. drinks.


Bring stable and comfortable walking shoes for walking on uneven ground and steep slopes leading down. 


You should be able to walk several hours.

Cut off

12 hours