This tour is comfortable and nice. Both, Torcas and Lagoons are some of those natural sites that are not yet overcrowded and, therefore still keep all their charm. In this area have been found dinosaur fossils, and the landscape, with deep and ancient forest, full of great sinkholes, help us to imagine them still alive.

"Las Torcas" are great rounded sinkholes, when those Torcas get to groundwater areas, they become in permanent lagoons, these lagoons have very special conditions and, therefore harbor interesting ecosystems with protected species. We will also get to know why the water of some of those lagoons changes its colour in the different seasons. In our visit we will also discover how this natural and magical environment has inspired many legends. In our way from Torcas site to Lagoons one, we will stop to visit two of the most ancient trees in the Cuenca Mountains, “The Granfather” and “The Chandelier”, both of them black pines.



Guide expert in nature.


Wear comfortable footwear
Warm up well in winter
bring hat and water in the summer months  

Cut off

12 hours